Samsung Galaxy Tab4 Active in the making?

Looks like Samsung is working on a rugged edition for one of their budget series Galaxy Tab4 tablet. The company ealier today made it official via AT&T of the rugged Galaxy S5 Active variant which is water-proof, dust-proof and kids-proof!

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A Galaxy Tab4 Active was spotted in a pending trademark filling by Samsung on a Norwegian site patentstyret. The patent filing clearly states the trademark “SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB4 ACTIVE” by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (KR).

I’m not much of a tablet guy myself, specially not the one who’d jump in pools with tablets. And this rugged tablet idea of Samsung sounds nothing more than another gimmick marketing from the company to grab consumers attention (and money) to their ever increasing product line-up.

Also, tablets are heavy enough. And looking at how how Samsung builds its Active devices, things does that chunkier and heavy. Hope Samsung takes care of that, heavy tablets are a sure no go for many people.

via SamMobile

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