Here’s our Galaxy S8 Giveaway!

Update [May 04, 2017]: And here’s our winner — say congrats to Naitik for winning a shiny new — well, review unit, actually — Galaxy S8.

We would be remiss to not name some of the most active participants on our blog in a recent while, who really surprised us a lot by becoming almost ubiquitous at every post we covered recently. We’re talking about Ashwin Prasad, Rishab Warrior, Vishal Giri. On a sidenote, though: guys, really, commenting on almost every article and such, it did give an impression of spam, especially when sometimes you commented only for the sake of it, something which we didn’t really like. That was the reason we didn’t rely on comments as the only basis for deciding on this. But we still have something for you, for the efforts you put in, we are giving Google Play credits of INR1500 to each one of three, which you should be receiving soon in your inbox. This text is directed towards you because we just know you are quite waiting to read all of this.

Anyway, now why we chose Naitik. Well, Naitik helped us with things we bloggers just love: breaking stories, as well as social sharing. Some of his tips were really cool — getting us extra coverage we really crave for, which also helps with social sharing and garnering new visitors. You are some guy, we’d admit, although we’d love it when you stop remaining anonymous for most of the times.

We’re yet to receive our S8, but once we have received and reviewed it, we’d send it over to Naitik quite asap-ish. Of course, for those waiting for it, we would ask Naitik guy to share with us a pic of him leaning with his S8, sure!

Update [April 29th, 2017]: The contest is over now. And we’ll announce a winner shortly. Keep your fingers crossed!

We’ve been thinking about holding a giveaway on TheAndroidSoul for quite some time, and what better time to do this than on the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The company has taken wraps off the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ at the Samsung Unpacked 2017 event today. The device is everything we expected it to be. Beautiful design, powerful hardware and larger display.

Starting today (March 29, 2017), we’re holding an international contest to let you win a Galaxy S8 from us, for free. FYI, this will be our review unit.

Our S8 giveaway will run through 30 days from today. And one lucky winner will be taking away the Samsung Galaxy S8 on April 28, 2017.

Since this is an international giveaway, the winner will be receiving the device when we’re done reviewing the device.

Update: In case you noticed, we used to use a way to kind-of force you to follow us on twitter to enter the giveaway, and follow it up on daily basis with a Retweet to increase your chances. Well, we’re doing away with all of that.

How to participate?

  • Comment on this post to enter.
  • Remain active on blog to increase your chances of winning:
    • Comment on other posts to share your thoughts.
    • Help those in need on blog.
  • Share links on social network sites.

Of the above, sharing your thoughts on other posts is what we’d like to see from you.

So, participating is easy. Just enter a comment below and you’re in. It goes without saying that the sharing our links on sites like Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, etc. help us grow, something we like very much, so please do that to increase your chances of winning it. Of course, please do not spam Reddit and like sites with our links — it would be cool if you share only breaking stories, or tips pages with those in need of help.

In deciding the winner, we will see top candidates who participated the most on sites: commenting on posts, sharing links, etc. But, the comments need to be pretty natural feedback or personal thoughts, not spam or one for-the-sake-of-it.

We would select 15 most active users at the end of the period, and go through each of the 15 users’ comments and social network pages to see who was the most positively active user on site, and award a our review unit of Galaxy S8 to him/her.

So, be active on our blog, sharing your thoughts and helping others in need of some tip to sort things out, and you get a good chance to own the Galaxy S8 for free.


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