Samsung Galaxy S8 SM-G950F/G955F firmware build numbers leaked, G950FXXU0APLH and G955FXXU0APLH

Firmware build numbers for the international variants of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge just got leaked. These firmware builds could be running on your S8 devices when released.

As per the leak, Galaxy S8 could be running on G950FXXU0APLH firmware build and S8 Edge on G955FXXU0APLH.

The Galaxy S8 is far from official release, so download links for the leaked firmware builds is a bit too hopeful at the moment. But we’ll keeping our eyes on the interwebs for any possible leak to get you the inside stuff from Samsung’s most anticipated device for 2017.

The Galaxy S8 has been making rounds in rumors every then & now. The latest rumor around the device suggests of 90% screen-to-body ratio. This also assists previously leaked rumor which suggested that Samsung maybe finally doing away with physical Home button and touch sensitive keys on the Galaxy S8 in favor of soft (on-screen) keys.

Stay tuned with us for more info on Galamxy S8 firmware..

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