Galaxy S8 Active Android 10 update, security updates, and more: March 2020 patch released by T-Mobile!

Get all the news regarding software updates for the Galaxy S8 Active handsets on this page, for all variants at AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Accordingly, the page is divided into sections, as per the carrier, each having a table listing the latest software version and its changelog. Samsung’s Android 9 Pie update is now available for the S8 Active and you can even download the update now using the link provided in the table below. But what about Android 10, let’s discuss.

Will Samsung Galaxy S8 Active get Android 10

The S8 Active set at T-Mobile or anywhere is not eligible for Android 10. So, the Pie update is the last big update you can expect for your S8 Active, and we don’t think Samsung will be interested in giving you any of the One UI 2.0 features without Android 10, although they might give you an ability to use QR code for joining a Wi-Fi network or sharing the password of a Wi-Fi network, a feature that Google added to Android 10.

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How to get Android 10 on Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

Given Samsung won’t prepare an Android 10 update for the device, there is no way to get a proper it on your S8 Active. However, there is a slim chance you may still get Android 10 on your S8 Active.

Given the great aftermarket software development that Android OS enjoys, it’s possible that a developer or team of developers is able to create a ROM based on Android 10 OS for the S8 Active. But let’s discuss more on S8 Active Android 10 ROMs below, and what are the chances of that happening.

Android 10 ROMs for S8 Active

That said, to be fair, we cannot be sure of an Android 10 ROM becoming available for the S8 Active. And even if it does, it may be very buggy, most probably not suitable for daily use. That’s because as things stand right now, even when the device is quite old now, there is not a great support for the S8 Active. There are no good Android 9 Pie ROMs available, either.

So, chances are less of a good Android 10 ROM will becoming available for the S8 Active.

Software update timeline

AT&T S8 Active updates

DateBuild versionAndroid OSChangelog
03 Oct 2019G892AUCS5CSI3Android 9September 2019 security patch
15 Aug 2019G892AUCS5CSH1Android 9August 2019 security patch
17 Jul 2019G892AUCU5CSF8Android 9Installs Android 9 Pie OS update along with new One UI skin from Samsung that revamps the user interface of the device.
04 Jan 2019G892AUCU3BRL1Android 8.0December 2018 security patch and added support for 5G Evolution indicator
06 Nov 2018G892AUCU3BRJ2Android 8.0October 2018 security patch
26 Jun 2018G892AUCS2BRF2Android 8.0June 2018 security patch
29 May 2018G892AUCS2BRE3Android 8.0May 2018 security patch
7 May 2018G892AUCS2BRD4Android 8.0April 2018 security patch
01 Apr 2018G892AUC2BRC5Android 8.0Installs Android 8.0 Oreo update and March 2018 security patch. New features include: picture-in-picture, Autofill, revamped Settings app and notifications center, notification snooze, etc.
31 Jan 2018G892AUCS2ARA1Android 7.0January 2018 security patch
28 Dec 2017G892AUCS2AQL1Android 7.0Android device security updates, including BlueBorne fix (on SPLs September 1 or later)
06 Dec 2017G892AUCU2AQK3Android 7.0What’s new: Support for new Mobile Hotspot APN, and HDR API for DirecTV | What’s changing: Enhanced Network Performance, other various improvements and bug fixes, and Android device security updates, including BlueBorne fix (on SPLs September 1 or later)
07 Nov 2017G892AUCS1AQJ2Android 7.0Android device security updates, including BlueBorne fix (on SPLs September 1 or later) and KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerability fix
09 Aug 2017G892AUCU1AQG4Android 7.0Call performance improvements

Sprint S8 Active updates

  • Android 9 Pie should arrive in Q3 2019
DateBuild versionAndroid OSChangelog
13 Jun 2019G892USQS5BSE4Android 8.0April and May 2019 security patches
22 Feb 2019G892USQS4BSB3Android 8.0February 2019 security patch
25 Jan 2019G892USQS3BSA1Android 8.0December 2018 and January 2019 security patches
07 Jan 2019G892USQU3BRK4Android 8.0Enables VoLTE
11 Apr 2018G892USQU1BRC5Android 8.0Installs Android 8.0 Oreo
01 Mar 2018G892USQS1ARB2Android 7.0February 2018 security patch
24 Jan 2018G892USQS1ARA2Android 7.0January 2018 Android security patch
28 Dec 2017G892USQS1AQL1Android 7.0December 2017 Android Security Patch

T-Mobile S8 Active updates

DateBuild versionAndroid OSChangelog
19 Mar 2020G892USQS6CTB2Android 9March 2020 security patch
17 Oct 2019G892USQS5CSI5Android 9October 2019 security patch
01 Oct 2019G892USQS5CSI2Android 9Up to September 2019 security patch
11 Sep 2019G892USQU5CSG7Android 9July 2019 security patch;
One UI update, brings Android 9 Pie OS [Download]
24 Jun 2019G892USQS5BSF1Android 8.0June 2019 security patches
28 May 2019G892USQS5BSE5Android 8.0April and May 2019 security patches
30 Mar 2019G892USQS4BSC3Android 8.0March 2019 security patches
01 Mar 2019G892USQS4BSB2Android 8.0January/February 2019 security patches
18 Nov 2018G892USQS3BRJ7Android 8.0November 2018 security patches
29 Oct 2018G892USQU3BRJ2Android 8.0September and October 2018 security fix
23 Aug 2018G892USQS3BRH2Android 8.0August security fix
26 July 2018G892USQS3BRG5Android 8.0July 2018 security patches
28 June 2018G892USQS2BRF1Android 8.0June 2018 security patch
05 June 2018G892USQU2BRE3Android 8.0May 2018 security patch
26 Apr 2018G892USQS1BRD5Android 8.0April 2018 security patch
29 Mar 2018G892USQU1BRC4Android 8.0

Installs Android 8.0 Oreo update and the security patch for the month of March 2018. New features include: Autofill, notification snooze, picture-in-picture, revamped Settings app and notifications center, etc.

23 Feb 2018G892USQS1ARB3Android 7.0

February 2018 security patch, various bug fixes and security improvements

18 Jan 2018G892USQS1ARA1Android 7.0January 2018 security patch, various bug fixes and security improvements
21 Dec 2017G892USQU1AQK5Android 7.0December security updates, License Assisted Access (LAA) enabled to use LTE Advanced technology, Various improvements
17 Nov 2017G892USQU1AQJ7Android 7.0Original OEM software version

Which Galaxy S8 Active variant do you own? Have you been receiving updates in a timely manner?


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