Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Android 10 update, security updates, and more: September patch released

We have listed out all the latest software updates for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge here, including monthly security patches. We also discuss how you can get Android 10 on Galaxy S7, so check out the sections below.

Latest news

October 02, 2019: Samsung is rolling out September update carrying security patches for the months of July, August and September for the international Galaxy S9 and S9+, as build ESI1. The software version of the OTA update is G930FXXS6ESI1 for the S9, and G935FXXS6ESI1 for the S9+.

May 26, 2019: Samsung has a new May 2019 security patch rolling out to the Galaxy S7 models in the UK and other parts of Europe. The update is arriving as version G930FXXU5ESD2 and is based on Android Oreo.

The OTA rollout may take several days before all units get the download notification, so be patient.

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How to get Android 10 on Galaxy S7

Well, as Samsung won’t be releasing Android 10 for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge handsets, custom ROMs are your only choice if you want Android 10.

At the moment (Oct 01), no custom ROM based on Android 10 is available for the S7, so you have to wait until a good ROM like LineageOS 17 or Android 10 GSI becomes available for the device.


Software update timeline

Here are the recent software updates for each of the major Galaxy S7 variants in a tabular form.

Global Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F)

DateSoftware versionAndroid OSChangelog
01 Oct 2019ESI1Android 8.0Up to September 2019 security patch
25 Jul 2019ESG5Android 8.0June 2019 security patch
12 May 2019G930FXXU5ESD2Android 8.0May 2019 security patch (Europe)
06 May 2019G930FXXS4ESDAAndroid 8.0April 2019 security patch (South America and Oceania)
22 Mar 2019G930FXXS4ESC6Android 8.0March 2019 security update in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka
22 Mar 2019G930FXXS4ESC3Android 8.0March 2019 security update in Caucasus Countries, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Uzbekistan
09 Jan 2018G930FXXS3ERKPAndroid 8.0December 2018 security patch
23 Nov 2018G930FXXS3ERK1Android 8.0November 2018 security patch
26 Oct 2018G930FXXS3ERJ4Android 8.0October 2018 security patch
14 Aug 2018G930FXXU2ERH1Android 8.0August 2018 security patch
19 July 2018G930FXXU2ERG2Android 8.0July 2018 security patch, bug fixes and stability improvements
30 Apr 2018G930FXXU2ERD5Android 8.0Installs Android 8.0 Oreo, Samsung Experience 9.0, and April 2018 security patch
21 Apr 2018G930FXXS2DRDCAndroid 7.0April 2018 security patch
15 Mar 2018G930FXXS2DRC3Android 7.0March 2018 security patch
14 Sep 2017G930FXXS1DQIMAndroid 7.0August 2017 security patch
08 Sep 2017G930FXXU1DQIAAndroid 7.0August 2017 security patch
08 Sep 2017G930FXXU1DQICAndroid 7.0August 2017 security patch
24 Aug 2017G930FXXU1DQI3Android 7.0August 2017 security patch
15 Aug 2017G930FXXS1DQHTAndroid 7.0August 2017 security patch
09 Aug 2017G930FXXS1DQHNAndroid 7.0August 2017 security patch
09 Aug 2017G930FXXS1DQHMAndroid 7.0August 2017 security patch
09 Aug 2017G930FXXS1DQHIAndroid 7.0August 2017 security patch
09 Aug 2017G930FXXS1DQHFAndroid 7.0August 2017 security patch
02 Jul 2017G930FXXU1DQG1Android 7.0July 2017 security patch
13 Sep 2017G930FXXU1DQIHAndroid 7.0August 2017 security patch
21 Aug 2017G930FXXS1DQHVAndroid 7.0August 2017 security patch
09 Aug 2017G930FXXS1DQHKAndroid 7.0August 2017 security patch
09 Aug 2017G930FXXU1DQH9Android 7.0August 2017 security patch
12 Jul 2017G930FXXS1DQGLAndroid 7.0July 2017 security patch
10 Jul 2017G930FXXS1DQGBAndroid 7.0July 2017 security patch
09 Jul 2017G930FXXU1DQG6Android 7.0July 2017 security patch
07 Jul 2017G930FXXS1DQG4Android 7.0July 2017 security patch
19 Jun 2017G930FXXU1DQFGAndroid 7.0June 2017 security patch
30 May 2017G930FXXU1DQEYAndroid 7.0May 2017 security patch
24 May 2017G930FXXU1DQERAndroid 7.0May 2017 security patch
10 May 2017G930FXXU1DQE7Android 7.0May 2017 security patch

AT&T Galaxy S7 (SM-G930A)

DateSoftware versionAndroid OSChangelog
13 Mar 2019G930AUCS9CSB1Android 8.0Adds February 2019 security patch and Advanced Messaging support
25 Feb 2019G930AUCU8CSA3Android 8.0January 2019 security patch and advanced messaging
30 Nov 2018G930AUCS8CRK1Android 8.0November 2018 security patch
13 Sep 2018G930AUCS4CRI1Android 8.0August 2018 security patch
03 Aug 2018G930AUCS4CRG5Android 8.0July 2018 security patch
09 Jun 2018G930AUCU4CRE4Android 8.0Installs Android 8.0 Oreo
09 May 2018G930AUCS4BRD1Android 7.0April 2018 security patch
19 Apr 2018G930AUCU2BRC1Android 7.0February and March 2018 security patch
26 Jan 2018G930AUCS4BRA1Android 7.0January 2018 security patch
02 Jan 2018G930AUCS4BQL1Android 7.0December 2018 security patch
26 Oct 2017G930AUCS4BQJ2Android 7.0Blueborne security fix along with September and October 2017 security patch
28 Aug 2017G930AUCS4BQH1Android 7.0August 2017 security patch
08 Aug 2017G930AUCU4BQG1Android 7.0July security patch, email performance improvements, and magnetic sensor (compass) bug fix
06 July 2017G930AUCU4BQF3Android 7.0Calendar fixes, Samsung Knox fixes, stability improvements, Messaging fixes, Video calling improvements, and Android device security updates. June security patch.
23 May 2017G930AUCS4BQE1Android 7.0May security patch.
10 May 2017G930AUCU4BQD4Android 7.0Improves Advanced Messaging fix, AT&T Messages Backup & Sync fix, Wi-Fi calling fix, Video Calling, adds various other fixes and improvements, installs April security patch
27 Mar 2017G930AUCS4BQC2Android 7.0Installs March security patch
17 Feb 2017G930AUCU4BQA6Android 7.0Adds Samsung Cloud, and Samsung Pass, enhances network performance and installs the security patch, removes AT&T Address Book. Installs February security patch.
18 Nov 2016G930AUCS4APK1Android 6.0.1Installs November security patch.
08 Nov 2016G930AUCU4APJ4Android 6.0.1Adds Full-Screen Mobile Video Service, improves ePTT volume, fixes Voice Mail, failed voice calls and removes Milk Music, installs October security patch.
26 Sep 2016G930AUCS4API2Android 6.0.1Installs September security patch.
25 Aug 2016G930AUCS2APH1Android 6.0.1Installs August security patch.
27 Jul 2016G930AUCU2APG1Android 6.0.1Adds WiFi calling, advanced messaging and messages backup and sync, installs July security patch.
17 Jun 2016G930AUCS2APF2Android 6.0.1Adds Android device security enhancements, installs June Security update
12 May 2016G930AUCS2APE1Android 6.0.1Adds Android device security enhancements
20 Apr 2016G930AUCU2APD1Android 6.0.1Fixes critical security errors and other minor bugs
18 Mar 2016G930AUCS2APC2Android 6.0.1Adds DTV widget, improves the responsiveness of Home and volume keys, WiFi performance and other performance and security enhancements.
15 Feb 2017G930AATT1APB5Android 6.0.1Launch software

Sprint Galaxy S7 (SM-G930P)

DateSoftware versionAndroid OSChangelog
25 Feb 2019G930PVPS9CSB1Android 8.0February 2019 security patch
24 Jan 2019G930PSPT8CSA1Android 8.0January 2019 security patch
20 Dec 2018G930PSPT8CRK2Android 8.0December 2018 security patch
18 June 2018G930PVPU6CRE7Android 8.0Installs Android 8.0 Oreo
04 Dec 2017G930PVPS5BQK1Android 7.0November 2017 security patch
14 Nov 2017G930PVPU5BQJ3Android 7.0September and October 2017 security patch
31 Aug 2017G930PVPU4BQH1Android 7.0August 2017 security patch
26 July 2017G930PVPS4BQG1Android 7.0July 2017 security patch
12 July 2017G930PVPU4BQF3Android 7.0June 2017 Android Security Patches.
28 May 2017G930PVPS4BQE1Android 7.0May security patch.
18 May 2017G930PVPU4BQD2Android 7.0April security patch.
17 April 2017G930PVPS4BQC1Android 7.0March security patch
22 Feb 2017G930PVPU4BQAAAndroid 7.0Upgrade to Nougat. Also installs February security patch.
16 Jan 2017G930PVPU4APL6Android 6.0.1Installs Android Security Patches, adds network performance improvements, fixes bugs
28 Nov 2016G930PVPS4APK1Android 6.0.1Installs November security patch
26 Oct 2016G930PVPS4APJ2Android 6.0.1Installs October security patch
14 Sep 2016G930PVPU2APH7Android 6.0.1Installs September security patch
21 Jul 2016G930PVPS2APG1Android 6.0.1Installs July security patch
27 Jun 2016G930PVPU2APF2Android 6.0.1Fixes bugs, improves network connectivity and installs Android security patch
26 May 2016G930PVPU2APE1Android 6.0.1Adds WiFi calling, improves battery life, fixes bugs and installs security patch.
25 Apr 2016G930PVPU2APD3Android 6.0.1Improves Network and WiFi
28 Mar 2016G930PVPU2APC5Android 6.0.1Fixes bugs and installs security patch.
11 Mar 2016G930PVPU1APB5Android 6.0.1Pre-installed, first release.

T-Mobile Galaxy S7 (SM-G930T)

DateSoftware versionAndroid OSChangelog
01 Mar 2019G930TUVS9CSB2Android 8.0January/February 2019 security patch
26 Oct 2018G930TUVS8CRJ1Android 8.0September/October 2018 security update
11 Oct 2018G930TUVU4CRI2Android 8.0July and August security patch; various bug fixes and improvements
29 June 2018G930TUVU4CRF1Android 8.0Installs Android 8.0 Oreo OS
12 Apr 2018G930TUVS4BRC1Android 7.0April 2018 security patch and various bug fixes
19 Jan 2018G930TUVS4BRA1Android 7.0January 2018 security patch
21 DecG930TUVS4BQL2Android 7.0Various system improvements
21 Nov 2017G930TUVS4BQJ2Android 7.0September and October 2017 security patch
14 Sep 2017G930TUVU4BQH7Android 7.0August 2017 security patch
24 July 2017G930TUVU4BQG5Android 7.0July security patch
29 June 2017G930TUVU4BQF6Android 7.0June security patch
26 May 2017G930TUVS4BQE1Android 7.0April/May security update
20 Mar 2017G930TUVS4BQC1Android 7.0Adds various system improvements, installs March security patch
20 Feb 2017G930TUVU4BQB1Android 7.0Installs Nougat and February security patch
05 Nov 2016G930TUVU4APK1Android 6.0.1Adds domestic data improvements, fixes system crash and freeze issues, and installs October and November security patches.
27 Sep 2016G930TUVU4APIAAndroid 6.0.1Adds various system improvements, improves Time/date update and installs security updates
08 Jul 2016G930TUVU3APG1Android 6.0.1Adds various system improvements and Google security fix and installs June and July security patch
23 May 2016G930TUVS3APD8Android 6.0.1Installs Google security update
04 May 2016G930TUVU2APD7Android 6.0.1Adds various system improvements, adds FM Radio, fixes power and volume key
04 Apr 2016G930TUVU2APC8Android 6.0.1Installs mandatory security updates
17 Mar 2016G930TUVS2APB8Android 6.0.1Installs mandatory security updates
11 Mar 2016G930TUVU1APB6Android 6.0.1Pre-installed, first release.

Verizon Galaxy S7 (SM-G930V)

DateSoftware versionAndroid OSChangelog
01 Apr 2019G930VVRS9CSC1Android 8.0March 2019 security patch
22 Feb 2019G930VVRS9CSB1Android 8.0February 2019 security patch
18 Dec 2018G930VVRS8CRK2Android 8.0December 2018 security patch
16 Nov 2018G930VVRS8CRK1Android 8.0November 2018 security update
29 Oct 2018G930VVRU8CRJ3Android 8.0October 2018 security fixes
10 Sep 2018G930VVRS4CRI1Android 8.0August 2018 security patch
01 Aug 2018G930VVRS4CRG2Android 8.0July 2018 security patch
11 June 2018G930VVRU4CRE5Android 8.0Installs Android 8.0 Oreo
18 Apr 2018G930VVRS4BRC3Android 7.0April 2018 security patch
3 Apr 2018G930VVRU4BRC2Android 7.0March 2018 security patch
24 Jan 2018G930VVRS4BRA1Android 7.0January 2018 security patch
13 Dec 2017G930VVRU4BQK4Android 7.0December 2017 security patch
21 Nov 2017G935VVRU4BQK2Android 7.0November 2017 security patch
31 Oct 2017G930VVRS4BQI1Android 7.0October 2017 security patch, including BlueBorne fix
28 Sep 2017G930VVRU4BQH4Android 7.0Fixes issues with WiFi voice call drops, contact name not displaying, Mobile Hotspot not turning on, provides a notification panel option to delay app updates, improves OK Google command detection and Samsung S Voice.
For KNOX corporate users, prevent file transfers via USB cable, makes available voicemail speed dialing and notifications, resolves issue with KNOX licence activation fail, and also improves One Talk voice call performance.
25 Aug 2017G935VVRS4BQH1Android 7.0August 2017 security patch, Lag fix for Email app (for KNOX business and enterprise users)
27 July 2017G935VVRU4BQG1Android 7.0July 2017 security patch
25 June 2017G930VVRU4BQF2 Android 7.0Installs June security patch. Fixes issues with Link sharing notification, MMS playback, Google apps in easy mode, restart/start, Visual Voicemail playback, HD Voice (WiFi calling), Google Maps (Samsung Knox related error), and Random reset fix for VPN users.
23 May 2017G930VVRS4BQC9Android 7.0May security patch.
25 Apr 2017G930VVRU4BQC5Android 7.0Installs April security patch, adds support for One Talk
13 Mar 2017G930VVRU4BQA4Android 7.0Installs Nougat
23 Nov 2016G930VVRU4API3Android 6.0.1Removes Samsung Milk Music, installs new security patch
22 Sep 2016G930VVRS4APH1Android 6.0.1Improves device performance, fixes known issues and Installs the latest security patches.
10 Sep 2016G930VVRU2APG5Android 6.0.1Adds support for NextRadio and Barcode Beaming for UPC codes and Improves HD Voice performance.
25 Jun 2016G930VVRU2APE1Android 6.0.1Fixes more than 20 security vulnerabilities and installs security patch

US Cellular Galaxy S7 (SM-G930R4)

DateSoftware versionAndroid OSChangelog
21 July 2018G930R4TYU4CRF2Android 8.0Installs Android 8.0 Oreo and June 2018 security patch
16 May 2017G930R4TYU4BQE1Android 7.0April 2017 security patch
29 Mar 2017G930R4TYU4BQC5Android 7.0April 2017 security patch
07 Dec 2016G930R4TYS4APL1Android 6.0.1December 2016 security patch
31 Oct 2016G930R4TYS4APK1Android 6.0.1November 2016 security patch
05 Oct 2016G930R4TYS4APJ1Android 6.0.1October 2016 security patch
19 Sep 2016G930R4TYU4API5Android 6.0.1September 2016 security patch
16 May 2016G930R4TYU2APE2Android 6.0.1May 2016 security patch
04 Apr 2016G930R4TYU2APD2Android 6.0.1April 2016 security patch

Canadian Galaxy S7 (SM-G930W)

DateSoftware versionAndroid OSChangelog
23 Oct 2018G930W8VLS5CRJ1Android 8.0October 2018 security update
11 Jun 2018G930W8VLU3CRE3Android 8.0Installs Android 8.0 Oreo
08 March 2018G930W8VLS3BRC2Android 7.0March 2018 security patch
08 Aug 2017G930W8VLU2BQH1Android 7.0August 2017 security patch
18 Jul 2017G930W8VLU2BQG4Android 7.0July 2017 security patch
01 Jun 2017G930W8VLS2BQF1Android 7.0June 2017 security patch
22 May 2017G930W8VLU2BQE5Android 7.0May 2017 security patch
24 Feb 2017G930W8VLU2BQB6Android 7.0February 2017 security patch
18 Nov 2016G930W8VLU2APK3Android 6.0.1November 2016 security patch
01 Sep 2016G930W8VLU2API1Android 6.0.1September 2016 security patch
02 Jul 2016G930W8VLU1APG1Android 6.0.1July 2016 security patch

U.S. Unlocked Galaxy S7 (SM-G930U)

DateSoftware versionAndroid OSChangelog
28 Jan 2019G930UUES8CSA1Android 8.0January 2019 security patch
24 July 2018G930UUEU4CRG2Android 8.0Installs Android 8.0 Oreo and June 2018 security patch
1 May 2018G930UUEU4BRD1Android 7.0April 2018 security patch
18 Aug 2017G930UUEU4BQH3Android 7.0August 2017 security patch
11 Jul 2017G930UUES4BQG1Android 7.0July 2017 security patch
19 Jun 2017G930UUEU4BQF3Android 7.0June 2017 security patch
15 May 2017G930UUEU4BQE2Android 7.0May 2017 security patch
11 Apr 2017G930UUEU4BQD2Android 7.0April 2017 security patch
13 Mar 2017G930UUES4AQC1Android 6.0.1March 2017 security patch
08 Dec 2016G930UUEU4APL2Android 6.0.1December 2016 security patch
09 Sep 2016G930UUEU4API3Android 6.0.1September 2016 security patch

Galaxy S7 Android Pie update

Galaxy S7
Launch OSCurrent OSAndroid Pie
Android 6.0
Android 8.0Not eligible
AT&TAndroid 6.0
Android 8.0Not eligible
SprintAndroid 6.0
Android 8.0Not eligible
T-MobileAndroid 6.0
Android 8.0Not eligible
VerizonAndroid 6.0
Android 8.0Not eligible
US CellularAndroid 6.0
Android 8.0Not eligible
CanadaAndroid 6.0
Android 8.0Not eligible
Android 6.0
Android 8.0Not eligible

One UI

Samsung Galaxy S7 won’t receive the One UI update as that is part of the Samsung’s Android Pie update. We hope the development community is able to port the One UI over to S7 from the S8, S9 or S10 ROM, but there’s no guarantee of that happening.

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Do let us know if you have got any questions about the S7 Oreo rollout, or anything else regarding the S7 updates, in the comments box right below.



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