Galaxy S7 Oreo update: 8.0 is far; Blueborne fix now available

Update [November 10, 2017]: Blueborne is a security flaw in Bluetooth powered devices, and AT&T is issuing a fix for that on your S7 Active today as software version G891AUCS2BQJ4. The QJ4 OTA also gets you patch for September and October 2017.

Update [March 07, 2017]: The Nougat update for AT&T Galaxy S7 Active has been released today. We don’t have the build no. with us yet, but the Android 7.0 OTA for S7 Active is rolling out as we speak. If you own the device, it’s about time you hit the ‘check for updates’ button in Settings > Software updates. The update brings Samsung Pass and Samsung cloud services too, apart from the usual dose of Nougat upgrade which brings lots of cool features to the rugged Galaxy S7 variant exclusive to AT&T, while also improving on the network reception on the device.


AT&T Galaxy S7 Active Oreo: expected release date

Expected release date: April 2018.

The AT&T S7 Active would take a lot more time than its global variant. Because, it’s an AT&T device, and no device — however good its OEM is — receives updates from carrier at what can be called at proper time.

So, if you are using S7 Active at AT&T, look for the global S7’s release of Android 7.0 Nougat, and then add 2 months for release of Nougat for your device.

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What’s New in Galaxy S7 Active Oreo update

You will get some solid under-the-hood improvements that make the device more stable and smooth in operations. Besides that, there are few very cool feature additions, like Autofill, Picture-in-Picture, etc. that make the Oreo update totally must-have.

Moreover, Samsung would also give you Samsung Experience 9.0 with its Android 8.0 update. The SE9.0 UI is a new TouchWiz, and is more cool that its predecessor skin.

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Galaxy S7 Active updates with changelog

Date Update Download Link Android OS Changelog
09 Nov 2017 G891AUCS2BQJ4 Android 7.0 BlueBorne fix, and September and October 2017 security patch.
23 Aug 2017 G891AUCS2BQH1 Android 7.0 August 2017 security patch
19 July 2017 G891AUCS2BQG1 Android 7.0 July security patch
27 June 2017 G891AUCU2BQF2 Android 7.0 June security patch
23 May 2017 G891AUCS2BQE1 Android 7.0 May security patch
28 Apr 2017 G891AUCS2BQD4 Android 7.0 Installs April security patch
27 Mar 2017 G891AUCS2BQC2 Android 7.0 Installs March security patch
07 Mar 2017 G891AUCU2BQB2 Android 7.0 Installs Nougat, adds Samsung Cloud, Samsung Pass and App Select enabled in Setup and Transfer, removes AT&T Address Book
08 Feb 2017 G891AUCS2AQA1 Android 6.0.1 Installs January security patch
04 jan 2017 G891AUCS2APL1 Android 6.0.1 Installs December security patch
23 Nov 2016 G891AUCU2APK2 Android 6.0.1 Adds Full Screen – Mobile Video Service, removes Milk Music, Improves volume for Enhanced Push To Talk (ePTT), fixes calls failing to go to voicemail when calling non-LTE devices, installs Android device security updates
23 Sep 2016 G891AUCS2API2 Android 6.0.1 Installs Android device security updates
25 Aug 2016 G891AUCS1APH1 Android 6.0.1 Installs Android device security updates
09 Aug 2016 G891AUCU1APG7 Android 6.0.1 Adds Wi-Fi Calling, AT&T Advance Messaging, AT&T Messages Backup & Sync feature (AMBS) and adds Other device enhancements

Let us know if you need any help with S7 Active updates.

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