Samsung Galaxy S6 Release rumored to be in March again, 20MP camera almost confirmed!

A report out of Korea measuring up near future performance of the Samsung electro-mechanical division looks impressed by the increased production of its 20MP camera modules. So impressed that it went ahead and got us a release date of Galaxy S6 side-by-side. The report states that that particular division can expect high sales of its camera modules, and then makes reference to the launch of Galaxy S6 in March to kind-of provide reason for the optimistic performance of the division. Looks like the Galaxy S6 spec-sheet would indeed feature a 20MP camera, although there was little doubt about it.

About the Galaxy S6 release, which is stated in the report to be in March itself, it’s said that it’s been reshuffled, and is taking place good 2-3 weeks earlier than originally planned.

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We’re only happy with Galaxy S6 releasing sooner than later, because going by the specs, it’s one hell of a device. We couldn’t wait enough to lay our hands on the rumored 5.1″ display that is said to be stunning clear under the sun when you are outdoor, and super dim to make it easy on eyes when in dark environment (bedtimes, light off, web surfing on!).

There are also rumors about a larger home screen button this time around on the front of the Galaxy S6, the increase in its size attributable to Samsung choosing the touch-based fingerprint sensor in place of swipe-based one that we saw on Galaxy S5.

Design-wise, Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to arrive in a shell featuring glass at the back, and front of course, with its remaining four sides made of metal. It won’t be full unibody metal screaming device that many of us wanted Samsung Galaxy S6 to be, but it’s fine as longer as it’s not plastic that we found on Galaxy S4 and S5 to our bitter taste.

There are also rumors of slimmer-than-ever-before TouchWiz, but we’re not counting too much on it. Even what is less for Samsung — undisputed king of Bloatware! — will definitely be more-than-required for us, I guess.

Since we’re talking, you may also want to hear a thing about Galaxy S6 Edge, which like the Note Edge, will feature a curved display that functions on its own, mainly notifications stuff, even when the main display in front is sleeping. But unlike Note Edge, S6 Edge will feature two curved sides, thus two Edges, instead of one. Samsung is said to make the Edges more feature-rich, btw.

Both Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge won’t be water-proof devices unlike Galaxy S5, because Samsung wants you to buy Galaxy S6 Active for that.

That’s almost all we know. Anyway, March 2 isn’t that far as it used to be, and we’ll definitely know all about Galaxy S6 on that date. Mark it on your calendar!

Via PhoneArena | Source: ETNews

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