Samsung Galaxy S6 may also come with an EDGE variant

Note 4 Edge

The world of Samsung Galaxy devices is full of surprises, though not in very useful way but enough for the Samsung marketing to gain ground on sales figures. Samsung’s latest attempt to differentiate its devices from the competition is the EDGE concept. A secondary display falling off on the right of the device, yes it’s only the size of a bezel. Samsung introduced this EDGE screen with a separate variant for the Note 4, called Galaxy Note 4 Edge. And now the rumor has it that Samsung is also prototyping an EDGE variant for its upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S6.

A Samsung employee (username: SamsungRep2015) revealed it on Reddit that Samsung is currently prototyping EDGE variant for the Galaxy S6, and surprisingly, it’s not just one edge of the Galaxy S6 that’s being tested. Samsung is even prototyping Galaxy S6 with displays on both the edges. Check out the full statement by the guy on reddit SamsungRep2015:

Project Zero is indeed a real thing. I’ve also seen two different GS6 Edge variants, one with the normal Youm display on the Edge, and one with dual curved edges. However, when I went to my orientation, a few weeks before the S5 came out I got to physically see the 5.2 inch version. Samsung prototypes a lot and things change extremely rapidly.

That’s shocking, right? Well, don’t be scared, you probably won’t see it actually happening, it just doesn’t makes sense. Samsung does a lot of prototyping, as the user claims he saw a prototype of Galaxy S5 in 2014 which had a 5.2 inch screen, but the Galaxy S5 which publicly released only has a 5.0 inch display.

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The guy didn’t just stop there, he also said things about the Galaxy S6’s performance and design. Check out his statements below:

As far as performance, benchmarks are noticeably higher but not by earth shattering amounts. Overall device responsiveness is vastly improved, and memory consumption is way down. Some build have freed over a gig of memory consumption from cold boot

[It’s] not just specs Samsung is focusing on this time around. I’ve heard lots of rumblings about crazy new designs (and I’m not just talking Galaxy Alpha ‘redesigns’ either.) Spec wise though, that all lines up with what I’ve seen/heard, but again there’s quite a good chunk of time between now and April

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to sport an octa-core Snapdragon 810 64-bit processor or Samsung’s own Exynos 7 with LTE Category 9 connectivity. There were also reports of Samsung beginning mass manufacturing of 4GB DDR3 RAM for mobile devices, which makes us think if the Galaxy S6 would ship with 4GB RAM, what do you say?

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