Samsung Galaxy S6 Iron Man Edition to be Launched in the Next Week

samsung galaxy s6 iron man

Earlier this month, the Galaxy S6 Iron Man Edition model was confirmed by Samsung and it was claimed that the Marvel superhero variant of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge will be launched sometime before June.

Now, the latest information from the South Korean tech giant suggests that the Iron Man Edition will be announced in the next week. Samsung has confirmed the information via its official Facebook page and the posting reads, “coming next week”.


The announcement of the arrival of Galaxy S6 Iron Man Edition model on the firm’s Facebook page is accompanied by an image showing glimpse of the device. As of now, the price and availability details of the device are not known.

Moreover, it is not known if the device will be available in all the markets. We need to wait for a few more days to know more details regarding the Iron Man Edition Samsung flagship smartphones.

Source: Facebook, Via