Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Edge with dual-edge leaks in picture

Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Edge

Case maker Verus gave us a good look at a rendered Galaxy S6 wearing a number beautiful cases from the company, and now today Verus is again hitting the headlines with a picture obtained by CNET Korea showing the Galaxy S6 in a Verus case and the rumored Galaxy Edge device posing for the camera for real.

CNET Korea claims the image has come from a South Korea electronics distributor. We already saw the Galaxy S6 featured in a Verus case yesterday, but the appearance of Galaxy Edge is rather surprising.

If we’re to trust this image, it looks like Galaxy Edge will indeed have dual edge screens on both sides of the device, as suggested in rumors previously. But again, this image could be a render of what the rumors are saying, so we don’t want you to believe much in this.

Also, both the Galaxy S6 leaks — the metal case and these renders — doesn’t fall in line with the device teased in Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked 2015 event invitations. The bottom is slightly curved in the teaser image that Sammy gave us, and none of the leaks so far seems to support it.


Looks like Samsung is holding up well at keeping its next flagship under the wraps, with the rumor mill not getting any legit details on the device.

Source: CNET Korea

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