Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge price set at €849, goes on pre-order in Europe

Here comes the horror we were afraid of. We heard the rumors saying Samsung will price the S6 edge pretty premium, and after seeing the device for real yesterday at MWC, even we were pretty sure that was going to happen.

Wll, Samsung has put both the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge on pre-order over at its official Nederland website. And while the Galaxy S6 is priced €699, the S6 edge is priced at a 20% premium price tag of €849.

For our worldwide audience, here’s a quick approximate translation of the above said prices:

USA Price

Galaxy S6: $785

Galaxy S6 edge: $953

India Price

Galaxy S6: Rs. 49,000

Galaxy S6 edge: Rs. 59,000

Pre-order links: Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge

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