Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Features: This phone is mind blowing

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are officially out now, and while the S6 looks Samsung’s usual run-of-the-mil phone, the S6 edge really has us interested. The curved display on both the sides of S6 edge makes the phone very interesting. Also, it delivers the premium-ness that Samsung users has been asking for years. The plastic-y Samsung is no more.

If you ask us, the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is clearly the most beautiful phone Samsung has ever made. Moreover, it’s also one of the most beautiful phone you’ll ever purchase. If looks could kill, the S6 edge would be a mass murderer by now.

But of course, design isn’t everything. Performance and features matter more. But that’s not even a question when it comes to Samsung’s flagship phones. The Korean electronics giant never misses to offer market leading hardware on its premium devices and the Galaxy S6 edge is no different. The device packs very powerful specsheet and features, let’s get down to it now..


Beautiful curved display


The Galaxy S6 edge comes with a gorgeous 5.1-inch Super AMOLED screen with a Quad HD display resolution, packing 577 pixels per inch. But it’s the beautiful dual-edge curved screen of the phone that I’m more flattered to. Not just for looks, but also for its added functionality and that glowing feature that Samsung has added to it.


Only 6.8mm thin


The Galaxy S6 edge is only 6.8mm thin, but that’s not all the surprise. The dual-edge screen of the phone falls off the sides to an even slimmer bezel, making the phone looking further slimmer (than 6.8mm).

The best camera of all smartphones


We’ve known the iPhone 6 camera to be the best of all, but after seeing the S6 edge camera on stage at MWC, we know an even better camera now. The S6 edge camera is a 16MP sensor with Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS), but more importantly it offers f/1.9 aperture, allowing you take great pictures even in very low-light.

Great for selfies


The Galaxy S6 edge packs a 5MP camera on front with f/1.9 aperture (again), which is a great relief for selfie people as low-light conditions have always been a pain when it comes to taking a selfie. The f/1.9 5MP sensor on S6 edge definitely makes it a great companion for this selfie generation.

64-bit 14nm FnFET processor


Galaxy S6 edge features the all new 14nm Exynos 7420 processor. We saw this processor’s performance leak in a benchmark a few weeks ago, it was remarkable. It blew out all other processors on the market, even Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 810 which will be powering most of the flagship devices of 2015 by various other Android manufacturers.

New fingerprint scanner


The new biometric fingerprint scanner on S6 edge works similarly like Apple’s touch ID on iPhone. You no longer have to swipe your finger on the home button. Just placing your finger over the home button will do the job.

New mobile payment system: Samsung Pay


With Galaxy S6 edge, Samsung is introducing a new feature called Samsung Pay which basically let’s you pay using your phone on any store that offers payments by credit/debit cards. No NFC compatibility needed. Plus, it’ll be secured by the fingerprint scanner.

Wireless Charging


Samsung has built wireless charging right-in on the Galaxy S6 edge, and surprisingly, it’ll work out-of-the-box with all wireless charging pads out there with WPC and PMA standard.

4 hours battery life in 10 mins charge


That says it.

Quick launch for Camera


Samsung has added another cool feature for the camera and they are calling it “Quick Launch”. It basically launches the camera in less than a second when you double-hit the home button on your S6 edge. It’s as fast as it can get to capture that precious moment as quickly as possible.



Galaxy S6 edge packs in a 3GB DDR4 RAM, which according to Samsung is 80% faster than its DDR3 counterpart. We guess it’d be plenty enough for all your multi-tasking needs.

Upto 128GB UFS 2.0 Internal storage


Samsung has removed the microSD card support from Galaxy S6, but that doesn’t mean you’re left out on high-storage options. The phone comes in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB variants with Universal Flash Storage 2.0 which combines the SSD and eMMc storage technologies to build the fastest internal storage.

Smart Manager


Smart Manager is a simple dashboard that lets you optimize battery life, check available space, note RAM and see your current security access – all in a single glance. Optimize your battery and storage.

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