Samsung Galaxy S6 accessory revealed, Apple look-alike earbuds surface in Vietnam

So the wait is almost over. After months spent among rumors and leaks, trying to decipher facts from falsehoods, the MWC is almost on top of us and with it Samsung’s next top guns — the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge. The rumor mill, which consistently churned out a steady stream of information — some of it true and some false — has managed to cough out what might be the last little little nugget of information before the S6 arrives on the scene.


Though strictly speaking this is not related to the S6 — it deals rather with the accessories available with the smartphone — but still, the earbuds that are supposed to be part of the overall package are news indeed. The earbuds have seemingly surfaced in Vietnam, where they are supposedly being manufactured, and according to what the pictures show, while not exactly the same they do bear a certain resemblance to Apple’s earpod family.


Again, as is the way with leaks we can not be certain that they are the real thing, so guess we will just have to sit back and wait for the MWC train.

Source: PhoneArena