Samsung Galaxy S6 to be 7.1mm thick?

New details have surfaced with sketches of the Galaxy S6’s design, revealing the dimensions of the Samsung’s next. Most important of all, the leak suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be 7.1mm thick — that doesn’t beats Galaxy A5’s 6.7mm, and is far from Galaxy A7’s 6.3mm, a record among Samsung smartphones — but is still exactly 1mm thinner than the last year’s flagship, Galaxy S5.

Of course, 7.1mm thick body is really slim, no complains, but with all the talks of revamp going on, we couldn’t resist imagining the thinnest of Samsung for the Galaxy S6.

Like the earlier leak, the sketches shown here too feature three cuts at the bottom, so there could be something new here: maybe the super back cover do its thing from here, and it could be the special function referred in Samsung’s earnings call report, or the something to do with Gear VR.


If we’re to tell truth, we don’t like what we’re seeing in respect of Galaxy S6’s design. It seems there isn’t much change to schematics that Samsung used for Galaxy S5, which are boring going into 2015, as we see similar rounded corners and overall design language, the curves and all. Sounds like disappointment, no?

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We expect Samsung to use its own octa-core Exynos 7420 processor for Galaxy S6, while other rumored specs include a 5.2″ Quad HD display (could be 5.5″), 3GB RAM (4GB for the Galaxy S Edge, the S6 with two curved sides), 20MP camera and 2550mAh battery.

Samsung is looking set to announce the Galaxy S6 at MWC in March, which isn’t very far now. Let’s hope the Galaxy S6, and Galaxy S Edge, and Samsung Orbis smartwatch are worth the wait and hype that they are getting.

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