Samsung Galaxy S3 gets Smart Rotation, not a Galaxy Note 2 exclusive any more

Remember that nifty feature called Smart Rotation on the Galaxy Note 2? Smart Rotation uses the front-facing camera to detect what orientation your face is at, and automatically matches the rotation of the display with it.

Till now this feature was available exclusively on the Galaxy Note 2, but is now available on the Samsung Galaxy S3, thanks to XDA member Препод, who has posted a relatively simple method to achieve it.

Smart Rotation is a particularly useful feature for folks who love reading e-books, or watching a video while lying down in bed. In fact, it even works at angles, which makes it all the more useful.

To try it out on your Galaxy S3, you visit the development thread over at XDA, and go through the step-by-step guide. Check it out and do let us know how it works.