Samsung Galaxy S2 Drivers Installation Guide

Installing proper Samsung Galaxy S2 drivers can be either as simple as that or a hell of a process. It depends on a lot of factors — the version of windows you’re running (XP is the very definition of hell, in cases like this), conflicting software’s installed on your computer, your USB port’s health and your USB cables.

In most cases, Samsung devices works out of  the box on PCs running either Windows 7 or Windows 8. But in case with ADB drivers you need to install the additional drivers on your PC.

Anyway, if you’re looking at this page then that means you’re having trouble connecting your Samsung Galaxy S2 to your computer and you want to fix that.


  1. First off disconnect your phone from your PC
  2. Uninstall any previous drivers installed for your phone on your computer
  3. Reboot your computer

There are two methods to get proper drivers installed on your computer.


Installing drivers using this method should work in 99% cases, if not, refer to the next method.

  1. Download the SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones.exe file – Download link
  2. Click install the drivers file and follow the installation process on your PC
  3. Reboot your computer



Install Kies — Samsung’s own software for managing your phone on your PC. It will install the proper drivers for your phone.

  1. Connect your Galaxy S2 to your PC
  2. Download and install Samsung Kies  → Download link
    └ If it asks for downloading additional files while installing, then let it do so
  3. Open Kies
  4. Go to “Tools” and select the “Reinstall device driver” option
  5. On the pop-up window, click on “Reinstall” buttonClick-reinstall-button
  6. Select “Yes” on the next pop-up screen to allow installation of drivers.

That’s it.

Your drivers issue should be resolved now. Try connecting in MTP mode and in Download mode with Odin (if you’re familiar with it).

If you’re still unable to get your device connected, then try out the troubleshooting tips given below:


  1. Connect your phone to other USB ports on your computer
  2. Try different USB cables. The original cable that came with your phone should work best, if not — try any other cable that’s new and of good quality
  3. Reboot computer
  4. Try on a different computer
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