Samsung Galaxy S10 to feature different octa-core processor tech in Exynos 9820

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S10 are the next big things from the Korean company and while the former’s launch date is a month away, there has been more talk of the latter in the recent past. Just last week, we heard reports that the Galaxy S10 will ship with an in-display fingerprint scanner and up to three main cameras for the S10+ and yesterday, it emerged that the S10+ may debut with an impressive five cameras in total – three at the back and two for selfies.

Now, today, we have fresh reports about the Galaxy S10’s processor, the Exynos 9820. The Galaxy S9 has the Exynos 9810 running the show (for non-U.S. variants) and unlike its predecessor, the Exynos 9820 is reportedly set to debut with a different octa-core configuration.


In the past, Samsung has used octa-core configurations that consist of four big cores and four little cores. For instance, the Exynos 9810 has four Mongoose M3 big cores and four Cortex-A55 low-power cores, but things will be different with the Exynos 9820.

According to Ice Universe, the Exynos 9820 will come with DynamIQ architecture featuring four Cortex-A55 little cores, two Cortex-A75 (or A76) medium cores, and two Exynos M4 big cores. The performance of the Exynos 9810 has been subjected to criticism with respect to the Snapdragon 845, but whether the new configuration and technology in the Exynos 9820 will change things compared to Snapdragon 855 remains unknown. Only time will tell.


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