Samsung Galaxy S10 update adds call and message continuity for Galaxy Tab S5e

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus call and message continuity update

One thing that makes the iDevices’ ecosystem miles ahead of Android is the lack of call and message continuity between devices signed into using the same account.

Google tried addressing this issue when it introduced Messages for Web that allows Android users to keep sending and receiving text messages on their PCs without touching the phone. But to date, the same hasn’t been replicated in the wider Android ecosystem because vendors use different messaging apps.

The story is the same when it comes to calls, but in a bid to bridge this gap, Samsung seems to be rolling out an update that adds Call & Message Continuity to the Galaxy S10 series, although this feature appears to be limited to work with the Galaxy Tab S5e, at least for now.


What this means is that you can pick up a Galaxy Tab S5e in your living room and continue texting someone you were chatting with on the Galaxy S10 that you forgot in the bedroom. No need of going back for the S10 just so as to keep texting your friend. The story should be the same for calls.

Unfortunately, it seems this feature isn’t available to all Galaxy S10s. So far, those using Verizon and AT&T have mostly been left out, although they should join their counterparts using the unlocked, Sprint and T-Mobile variants pretty soon.

We also expect this feature to work on other Samsung phones and tablets in the near future.

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