Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Android 10 update, security updates, and more: Verizon releases January patch!

Find all the info on updates for the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G here. We discuss the Android 10 update for the Samsung’s first 5G handset here, its beta, release date, and more. We also take a look at the monthly security updates released for the S10 5G models at various carriers in the US (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon), and the US unlocked model.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Android 10 update

  • The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is eligible for Android 10 update
  • It will be known as One UI 2.0 OS update
  • It will also receive Android 11

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, like every other device in the S10 series, is guaranteed to receive Android 10 update. In fact, it’s also eligible for Android 11 update. For the release date info,  and more on One UI 2.0, see the sections right below.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Android 10

When will Galaxy S10 5G receive Android 10 update

  • Android 10 rollout for S10 5G may be a bit delayed compared to non-5G S10 sets
  • The rollout could begin in February 2020
  • The non-5G Galaxy S10 variants should be getting stable Android 10 first, probably in January 2020

Samsung may release the beta version of Android 10 update — it will be called One UI 2.0, see below for more — for the Global and some US variants of the Galaxy S10 5G before rolling out the stable update.

Given the trend of monthly security updates, where the S10 5G has lagged behind its non-5G S10 sets by a few weeks, we suspect that Android 10 may also get the same treatment. However, the S10 5G would still get the Android 10 update before the likes of Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9 sets, and around the same time as the new Note 10 and Note 10 Plus handsets.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Android 10 Beta

Samsung should be releasing Android 10 beta update for the non-5G S10 handsets sometime in December 2019 but we would be surprised if they don’t give the S10 5G the same treatment. So we expect the Galaxy S10 5G to get Android 10 beta update in December 2019.

The beta update could be available for some of the US variants besides the Global variant.

New features in Galaxy S10 5G Android 10 update

Android 10 update for Google comes with great new features like Dark mode, improved Gestures Navigation, better Sharing Menu, Live Caption, Bubbles, better Permissions management, Accent Colors and Themes, and more.

Along with the new features mentioned above that are part of stock Android 10, Samsung will also be adding a few new features to One UI 2.0: native Screen Recorder, improved Gestures Navigation, Link to Windows, new UI in the Quick Settings panel, and more.

One UI 2.0 on Galaxy S10 [Leak]
One UI 2.0 on Galaxy S10 [Leak]

One UI 2.0 update

  • One UI 2.0 update is based on Android 10 update from Google
  • It won’t have major UI changes over One UI 1.0 but will pack few new features
  • Could release for Global model first (Jan 2020), followed by US variants (Feb 2020)

Samsung will be calling its Android 10 update, One UI 2.0. Even though Samsung has not confirmed the name, its features or release date, we already much about the new custom skin from Samsung because of its leak on the Galaxy S10 Plus (here).

As seen the leak, and as was expected, the One UI 2.0 update doesn’t come with a truckload of changes over One UI. You will minor UI redesigns in some areas, and addition of a few new utility features, but that would be it. Not that it is any less, as combined with the new features from stock Android 10, it’s a lot to look for.

Naturally, Samsung will release the Android 10 beta as One UI 2.0 beta, and will follow it up with a stable release for all the models — the Global model may get the beta and stab;e updates earlier than the US models, which is okay as it’s the trend Samsung has always followed.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G One UI 2.0

Global S10 5G

Release dateSoftware version — Changelog
01 Oct 2019ASI7 — Up to October 2019 security patch
20 Aug 2019ASHE — July and August 2019 security patch (Available for EE UK and Vodafone Germany)
NANA — June security patch (pre-installed)

AT&T S10 5G

Release dateSoftware version — Changelog
24 Sep 2019YSI1 — Up to September 2019 security patch
17 Jun 2019YSF4 — May 2019 security patch; Improvements to the camera and network performance, and the stability of the device

T-Mobile S10 5G

Release dateSoftware version — Changelog
31 Aug 2019ASH8 — August 2019 security patch (Night mode too, probably)
Full software version: G977TUVS2ASH8
20 Aug 2019ASGC — July 2019 security patch
15 Jul 2019ASFG — June 2019 security patch

Sprint S10 5G

Release dateSoftware version — Changelog
02 Aug 2019ASGB — July 2019 security patch
17 Jun 2019ASF4 — June 2019 security update

Verizon S10 5G

Release dateSoftware version — Changelog
09 Jan 2019BSL6 — January 2020 security patch
27 Sep 2019ASI4 — September 2019 security patch
24 Aug 2019ASH7 — August 2019 security patch
29 Jul 2019ASGC — July 2019 security patch
01 Jul 2019ASFG — June 2019 security update
16 May 2019ASEF — Improved stability and performance, May 2019 security patch, and system-wide bug fixes

What’s the software version of your Samsung Galaxy S10 5G right now?

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