Samsung Galaxy Note 9: In-display fingerprint sensor not expected

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The next big thing from Samsung is the Galaxy S9 and it’s only a few weeks away from launch. The Korean company will be at the MWC 2018 event later this month to take the wraps off the S8 successor, but this will only be the beginning of what is expected to be an even more interesting year for Sammy fans.

Even as all attention is now on what Samsung is planning for the Galaxy S9, this hasn’t stopped the company from commencing works on the Galaxy Note 9, a phone that should be unveiled this summer. So far, we’ve already stumbled into some details regarding the Galaxy Note 8 successor, including the specs and features to expect alongside the release date and price. Read on.

Galaxy Note 9 specs and features

  • No drastic design changes expected
  • Snapdragon 845/Exynos 9810 on the cards
  • Intelligent Scan feature for facial recognition
Source: TechCrunch

Given the Galaxy Note 9 will not be here until August 2018, it for sure seems too early to start even talking about it. But hey, we don’t make the rules.

Looking at what Samsung has been doing over the years, we can deduce a good number of things about the Galaxy Note 9 based on all that we know about Galaxy S9 specs and features. Just about everything about the S9 is in the public domain, which also means that we know a great deal of details regarding the Galaxy Note 9.

It’s almost certain that the Note 9 will be powered by a Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810 chipset paired with at least 6GB RAM. It’s unlikely that Samsung will make the swift shift to 8GB RAM after having only used the module once on its Note flagship. This is despite the fact that the Galaxy S9+ is also expected to come with a standard RAM of 6GB.

The Galaxy Note 8 is already blazing fast and considering the upgrades the Snapdragon 845/Exynos 9810 have over their predecessors, the Note 9 should take this already impressive performance to the next level. You can also expect more markets to get storage options of up to 256GB.

Like the Galaxy S9 with respect to the Galaxy S8, we expect that the Note 9 will stick to the same design language as the Note 8, including screen size and resolution. Samsung is also lining up a feature known as Intelligent Scan, which is believed to be the answer to Apple’s Face ID.

Galaxy Note 9 price and release date

  • More expensive than Galaxy Note 8
  • August 2018 launch expected

There are reports that Samsung will up the price of the Galaxy S9 by about $100 compared to the S8. Although not confirmed, the latest trend in the flagship smartphone market adds more weight to this argument. With this in mind, you can expect the Galaxy Note 9 to come in valued at about $1000 or even more. The Galaxy Note 8 came in priced at $950.

As for the release date, the phone should be unveiled in August 2018 with sales expected to begin a couple of weeks after, just like the Galaxy Note 8.

No in-display fingerprint scanner

  • Rear-mounted fingerprint scanner still in plan
  • In-display fingerprint scanning may debut in 2019
Alleged Galaxy Note 9 patent with in-display fingerprint scanner

One of the most exciting rumors flying around since last year is that the Galaxy Note 9 could be the first Sammy phone to feature an in-display fingerprint scanner. You must already know that this isn’t the first time such a rumor is coming about.

We saw plenty of similar reports before the launch of the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 but none materialized. In fact, it’s possible that the story will be the same this year, at least according to fresh reports coming from Korea.

The Bell reports that the Galaxy Note 9 will still come with a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner because in-display fingerprint scanning technology is not yet ready for commercialization. However, it’s possible that things could change from next year onwards.

The latest report negates a previous leak that had pointed to a Samsung patent suggesting that the Galaxy Note 9 will rock an in-display fingerprint scanner. Still, note that both reports are not yet confirmed, which could mean anything when the Note 9 is here.

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