Galaxy Note 5 update: Android 9 Pie news; August patch available at AT&T

Samsung is still actively supporting the Galaxy Note 5 with monthly software patches to quash security issues. Even though as a user we always want more (Hint: Android 9), we have to accept that the Nougat update for the device was its last major OS upgrade.

As you will find in the tables below, the carrier variants of the Galaxy Note 5 are still receiving month security updates, which is what we can hope for at this stage. We have provided the download link of the update wherever possible, which you can use to install an update manually if you are unable to take OTA updates.

Android 9 Pie update

CategoryLaunch OS | Current OSAndroid 9 Pie
Android 5.1.1 Lollipop | Android 7.0 NougatNot eligible
AT&TAndroid 5.1.1 Lollipop | Android 7.0 NougatNot eligible
SprintAndroid 5.1.1 Lollipop | Android 7.0 NougatNot eligible
T-MobileAndroid 5.1.1 Lollipop | Android 7.0 NougatNot eligible
VerizonAndroid 5.1.1 Lollipop | Android 7.0 NougatNot eligible
US CellularAndroid 5.1.1 Lollipop | Android 7.0 NougatNot eligible
CanadaAndroid 5.1.1 Lollipop | Android 7.0 NougatNot eligible
Android 5.1.1 Lollipop | Android 7.0 NougatNot eligible

Software support for the Galaxy Note 5 is well over now, which is why the device hasn’t seen an update to Oreo either. No question of Samsung releasing the Android 9 update for the device. Given that the development wasn’t strong for the device, we don’t expect unofficial ROMs like LineageOS 16 to be available for, or Android 9 Pie GSI (Treble) to work with, the device.

Android 8.0 Oreo (and 8.1)

ModelLaunch OSCurrent OSAndroid Oreo
Android 5.1Android 7.0Not eligible
AT&TAndroid 5.1Android 7.0Not eligible
SprintAndroid 5.1Android 7.0Not eligible
T-MobileAndroid 5.1Android 7.0Not eligible
VerizonAndroid 5.1Android 7.0Not eligible
US CellularAndroid 5.1Android 7.0Not eligible
CanadaAndroid 5.1Android 7.0Not eligible
Android 5.1Android 7.0Not eligible

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was launched in the second half of 2015 and came preinstalled with Android Lollipop. As tradition dictates, the device has since received two major OS upgrades in Android Marshmallow and Nougat OS.

Even though at some point T-Mobile made us believe that the Note 5 would receive Android 8.0 Oreo, the carrier has since taken down the page that suggested the update was in development — thus all the more confirming that the Oreo for the device is not in question at all.

There is a LineageOS 15.1 ROM based on Android 8.1 Oreo available for the Galaxy Note 5, but it’s not usable as a daily driver. That is why it’s futile to expect any good custom ROMs now.

International Galaxy Note 5 (SM-N920C/i/G)

  • Not eligible for Android 8.0 Oreo and Android 9 Pie updates
Model No.DateUpdate Download LinkAndroid OSChangelog
SM-N920C22 Aug 2017N920CXXU3CQH6Android 7.0August 2017 security patch
SM-N920C21 Aug 2017N920CXXU3CQH5Android 7.0August 2017 security patch
SM-N920C10 Aug 2017N920CXXS3CQH1Android 7.0August 2017 security patch
SM-N920C10 Aug 2017N920CXXS3CQH3Android 7.0August 2017 security patch
SM-N920C18 Jul 2017N920CXXU3CQG4Android 7.0July 2017 security patch
SM-N920C13 Jul 2017N920CXXU3CQG3Android 7.0July 2017 security patch
SM-N920C11 Jul 2017N920CXXU3CQG1Android 7.0July 2017 security patch
SM-N920C12 Jun 2017N920CXXS3CQF2Android 7.0June 2017 security patch
SM-N920C07 Jun 2017N920CXXS3CQF1Android 7.0June 2017 security patch
SM-N920G20 July 2018N920GUBS4CRG1Android 7.0July 2018 security patch
SM-N920G15 Sep 2017N920GUBU3CQI1Android 7.0August 2017 security patch
SM-N920G14 Aug 2017N920GDDS3CQH2Android 7.0August 2017 security patch
SM-N920G09 Aug 2017N920GUBU3CQH1Android 7.0August 2017 security patch
SM-N920G20 Jul 2017N920GDDS3CQG5Android 7.0July 2017 security patch
SM-N920G17 Jul 2017N920GDDU3CQG3Android 7.0July 2017 security patch
SM-N920G15 Jun 2017N920GDDS3CQF3Android 7.0June 2017 security patch
SM-N920G09 Jun 2017N920GUBU3CQF1Android 7.0June 2017 security patch
SM-N920G13 May 2017N920GDDU3CQE4Android 7.0May 2017 security patch
SM-N920G02 May 2017N920GUBU3CQE1Android 7.0May 2017 security patch
SM-N920G17 Apr 2017N920GDDS3CQD1Android 7.0April 2017 security patch
SM-N920G07 Apr 2017N920GUBS3BQD1Android 6.0.1April 2017 security patch
SM-N920G06 Apr 2017N920GUBS3BQD2Android 6.0.1April 2017 security patch
SM-N920G08 Mar 2017N920GUBS3BQC2Android 6.0.1March 2017 security patch
SM-N920I23 Mar 2018N920IDVU4CRC1Android 7.0March 2018 security patch
SM-N920IN920IDVU3CQD3Android 7.0Not Available
SM-N920I21 Aug 2017N920IDVU3CQH2Android 7.0August 2017 security patch
SM-N920I21 Jul 2017N920IDVU3CQG2Android 7.0July 2017 security patch
SM-N920I26 Jun 2017N920IDVU3CQF3Android 7.0June 2017 security patch
SM-N920I15 Jun 2017N920IDVS3CQF2Android 7.0June 2017 security patch
SM-N920I24 Apr 2017N920IDVU3CQD3Android 7.0March 2017 security patch
SM-N920I13 Jan 2017N920IDVS3BQA3Android 6.0.1January 2017 security patch
SM-N920I07 Dec 2016N920IDVU3BPL2Android 6.0.1December 2016 security patch
SM-N920I19 Oct 2016N920IDVU3BPJ3Android 6.0.1October 2016 security patch
SM-N920I06 Oct 2016N920IDVU3BPJ2Android 6.0.1October 2016 security patch
SM-N920I28 Jul 2016N920IDVU2BPG3Android 6.0.1August 2016 security patch
SM-N920I08 Jun 2016N920IDVU2BPF3Android 6.0.1June 2016 security patch
SM-N920I16 May 2016N920IDVU2BPE3Android 6.0.1May 2016 security patch
SM-N920I07 Apr 2016N920IDVU2BPD3Android 6.0.1Not Available
SM-N920I06 Apr 2016N920IDVU2BPD2Android 6.0.1Not Available
SM-N920I16 Nov 2015N920IDVU2AOK6Android 5.1.1Not Available

AT&T Galaxy Note 5 (SM-N920A)

  • Not eligible for Android 8.0 Oreo and Android 9 Pie updates
DateUpdate Download LinkAndroid OSChangelog
29 Aug 2018N920AUCS5ERH1Android 7.0August 2018 security patch
26 July 2018N920AUCS5ERG1Android 7.0July 2018 security patch
3 July 2018N920AUCS5ERF2Android 7.0June 2018 security patch
25 May 2018N920AUCS5ERE1Android 7.0May 2018 security patch
7 May 2018N920AUCS5ERD1Android 7.0April 2018 security patch
27 Mar 2018N920AUCU5ERB5Android 7.0March 2018 security patch and Mobile Hotspot APN fix
9 Mar 2018N920AUCS5ERB2Android 7.0February 2018 security patch
02 Feb 2018N920AUCS5ERA2Android 7.0January 2018 security patch, including Meltdown and Spectre mitigation patches
28 Dec 2017N920AUCS4EQL1Android 7.0December 2017 security patch
09 Nov 2017N920AUCS6EQH1Android 7.0BlueBorne fix, and September and October 2017 security patch
25 Aug 2017N920AUCS4EQH1Android 7.0August 2017 security patch
31 July 2017N920TUVU4EQG3Android 7.0Not available. The security patch is July 2017
31 July 2017N920AUCS4EQG1Android 7.0July 2017 security patch
27 June 2017N920AUCS4EQF1Android 7.0June 2017 security patch
25 May 2017N920AUCS4EQE1Android 7.0May 2017 security patch
27 Apr 2017N920AUCS4EQD1Android 7.0Installs April security patch
11 Apr 2017N920AUCU4EQC6Android 7.0Installs Nougat, adds Samsung Cloud and Samsung Pass, improves Network performance enhancements, installs Android device security updates, removes AT&T Address Book, MobiTV, and AT&T Live
10 Mar 2017N920AUCS4CQB2Android 6.0.1Installs February security patch
08 Feb 2017N920AUCS4CQA1Android 6.0.1Installs January security patch
16 Jan 2017N920AUCS4CPL1Android 6.0.1Installs December security patch
29 Nov 2016N920AUCS4CPK1Android 6.0.1Installs November security patch
26 Oct 2016N920AUCS3CPJ1Android 6.0.1Installs Android device security updates
20 Sep 2016N920AUCU3CPHAAndroid 6.0.1Adds Wi-Fi Calling, Advanced Messaging, installs Android device security updates.
25 Aug 2016N920AUCS3BPH4Android 6.0.1Installs Android device security updates
18 July 2016N920AUCS2BPG1Android 6.0.1Improves device security
22 Jun 2016N920AUCU2BPE6Android 6.0.1Installs Marshmallow
26 May 2016N920AUCU2APE3Android 5.1.1Adds device security enhancements
09 Mar 2016N920AUCU2APB2Android 5.1.1Adds device security enhancements, improves device performance
12 Nov 2015N920AUCU1AOJ1Android 5.1.1Adds support for additional Gear VR features, support for Android for Work (AfW), enhanced support for the Samsung keyboard accessory, updated Samsung Knox to version 2.5.1
28 Sep 2015N920AUCU1AOH5Android 5.1.1Enhanced performance and other device improvements
15 Sep 2015N920AUCU2AO16Android 5.1.1Adds Amazon shopping enhancements, improves Device security

Sprint Galaxy Note 5 (SM-N920P)

  • Not eligible for Android 8.0 Oreo and Android 9 Pie updates
DateFirmware DownloadAndroid OSChangelog
23 July 2018N920PVPS3DRG1Android 7.0July 2018 security patch
02 Mar 2018N920PVPS3DRB1Android 7.0January and February 2018 security patch
10 Sep 2017N920PVPS3DQH1Android 7.0August 2017 security patch
12 Aug 2017N920PVPU3DQG2Android 7.0July 2017 security patch
23 June 2017N920PVPS3DQF1Android 7.0June 2017 security patch
29 May 2017N920PVPS3DQE1Android 7.0April and May 2017 security patch
21 Apr 2017N920PVPU3DQC5Android 7.0Installs Android 7.0 Nougat OS update and March security patch
28 Feb 2017N920PVPS3BQB1Android 6.0.1Installs February security patch
06 Feb 2017N920PVPS3BQA1Android 6.0.1Installs January security patch
04 Jan 2017N920PVPS3BPL1Android 6.0.1Installs December security patch
21 Nov 2016N920PVPS3BPK1Android 6.0.1Installs Android security patches
27 Oct 2016N920PVPS3BPJ2Android 6.0.1Installs Android security patches
14 Sep 2016N920PVPU2BPH9Android 6.0.1Installs Android security patches
27 Jul 2016N920PVPU2BPG1Android 6.0.1Installs Android security patches
19 May 2016N920PVPU2BPD2Android 6.0.1Installs Android security patches
19 Apr 2016N920PVPS2BPD1Android 6.0.1Installs security updates
24 Mar 2016N920PVPU2BPC3Android 6.0.1Installs Marshmallow, security updates
07 Dec 2015N920PVPS2AOK3Android 5.1.1Installs security updates
31 Oct 2015N920PVPU2AOJ6Android 5.1.1Installs Google security patches, Android for Work, Gear VR support
26 Sep 2015N920PVPU2AOI6Android 5.1.1Installs Samsung patches, improves wireless charging
21 Aug 2015N920PVPU1AOGDAndroid 5.1.1Initial Release

T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 (SM-N920T)

  • Not eligible for Android 8.0 Oreo and Android 9 Pie updates
DateFirmware DownloadAndroid OSChangelog
27 July 2018N920TUVS5ERG1Android 7.0July 2018 security patch
28 June 2018N920TUVS5ERF2Android 7.0May and June 2018 security patch
22 Apr 2018N920TUVS5ERD1Android 7.0April 2018 security patch
30 Mar 2018N920TUVS5ERC1Android 7.0February and March 2018 security patch
24 Jan 2018N920TUVS5ERA1Android 7.0January 2018 security patch
1 Dec 2017N920TUVS4EQK1Android 7.0November 2017 security patch
9 Nov 2017N920TUVU4EQJ3Android 7.0IMS Roaming fix

DIGITS bug fix

October 2017 security patch

1 Aug 2017N920TUVU4EQG3Android 7.0Various system improvements
20 July 2017N920TUVS4EQG1Android 7.0June 2017 security patch
05 June 2017N920TUVU4EQE1Android 7.0April and May 2017 security patch
21 Apr 2017N920TUVU4EQC6Android 7.0Installs Android 7.0 Nougat update and March 2017 security patch
06 Apr 2017N920TUVU4DQC2Android 6.0.1Adds various system improvements
01 Feb 2017N920TUVS4DQA2Android 6.0.1Installs Android device security updates
06 Dec 2016N920TUVU4DPK6Android 6.0.1Improves Domestic data roaming, Fixes DTMF, installs November Security update
08 Sep 2016N920TUVS4DPH2Android 6.0.1Installs August/September Security fix
13 Jul 2016N920TUVU3DPG1Android 6.0.1Installs Google Security fix, adds June and July security maintenance release, adds various system improvements
18 Apr 2016N920TUVU2DPD1Android 6.0.1Installs Marshmallow
14 Dec 2015N920TUVS2COKCAndroid 5.1.1Installs Google Security update
02 Nov 2015N920TUVU2COJ5Android 5.1.1Adds Samsung Gear VR support, Security updates, various bug fixes and improvements
25 Sep 2015N920TUVU2COI5Android 5.1.1Improves Video Calling UI updates
10 Sep 2015N920TUVU1BOH6Android 5.1.1Adds T-Mobile Video Calling
03 Sep 2015N920TUVU1BOH4Android 5.1.1Launch software
21 Aug 2015N920TUVU1AOGEAndroid 5.1.1Launch software

Verizon Galaxy Note 5 (SM-N920V)

  • Not eligible for Android 8.0 Oreo and Android 9 Pie updates
DateUpdate Download LinkAndroid OSChangelog
25 Aug 2018N920VVRS3CRH1Android 7.0August 2018 security patch
30 July 2018N920VVRS3CRG1Android 7.0July 2018 security patch
06 July 2018N920VVRS3CRF1Android 7.0June 2018 security patch
08 Jun 2018N920VVRS3CRE4Android 7.0May 2018 security patch
26 Apr 2018N920VVRS3CRD2Android 7.0April 2018 security patch
25 Mar 2018N920VVRS3CRC1Android 7.0March 2018 security patch
27 Feb 2018N920VVRS3CRB2Android 7.0February 2018 security patch
 25 Jan 2018N920VVRS3CRA1 Android 7.0 January 2018 security patch, including Meltdown and Spectre fixes
26 Dec 2017N920VVRU3CQL4Android 7.0December 2017 security patch
30 Oct 2017N920VVRS3CQI3Android 7.0October 2017 security patch, including a Blueborne fix
03 Oct 2017N920VVRS3CQI2Android 7.0Blueborne security patch
29 Aug 2017N920VVRS3CQE1Android 7.0August 2017 security patch
28 July 2017N920VVRU3CQF3Android 7.0July 2017 security patch, Google Search in easy mode, Improved Voice over Wi-Fi calls, Notification for no app space
25 May 2017N920VVRS3CQE1Android 7.0May 2017 security patch
04 May 2017N920VVRS3CQD1Android 7.0April 2017 security patch
12 April 2017N920VVRU3CQB9Android 7.0Installs Android 7.0 Nougat OS update and March 2017 security patch
01 Jan 2017N920VVRS3BQA1Android 6.0.1Installs January security patch
05 Dec 2016N920VVRU3BPJ3Android 6.0.1Improves device performance, fixes bugs
26 Sep 2016N920VVRS3BPI1Android 6.0.1Installs September security patch, fixes bugs and other enhancements
06 Sep 2016N920VVRU2BPG5Android 6.0.1Installs security patch, adds Barcode beaming, fixes bugs
15 Jul 2016N920VVRS2BPF4Android 6.0.1Installs July security patch
22 Jun 2016N920VVRS2BPF2Android 6.0.1Installs June security patch
09 May 2016N920VVRU2BPD4Android 6.0.1Installs May security patch
13 Apr 2016N920VVRU2BPC2Android 5.1.1Installs Android security patches
15 Dec 2015N920VVRU2AOJ3Android 5.1.1Installs Android security patches
21 Oct 2015N920VVRU2AOJ2Android 5.1.1Installs Android security patches
29 Sep 2015N920VVRU2AOGJAndroid 5.1.1Installs Android security patches

US Cellular Galaxy Note 5 (SM-N920R4)

  • Not eligible for Android 8.0 Oreo and Android 9 Pie updates
Model No.DateUpdate Download LinkAndroid OSChangelog
SM-N920R415 Jun 2017N920R4TYU3CQF2Android 7.0June 2017 security patch
SM-N920R411 Apr 2017N920R4TYS3BQD1Android 6.0.1April 2017 security patch
SM-N920R407 Dec 2016N920R4TYS3BPL1Android 6.0.1December 2016 security patch
SM-N920R408 Nov 2016N920R4TYS3BPK1Android 6.0.1November 2016 security patch
SM-N920R419 Oct 2016N920R4TYS3BPJ2Android 6.0.1October 2016 security patch
SM-N920R418 May 2016N920R4TYU2BPE1Android 6.0.1June 2016 security patch
SM-N920R418 Feb 2016N920R4TYU2BPB6Android 6.0.1Not Available
SM-N920R430 Oct 2015N920R4TYU2AOJ5Android 5.1.1Not Available
SM-N920R419 Sep 2015N920R4TYU2AOI3Android 5.1.1Not Available
SM-N920R418 Jul 2015N920R4TYU1AOGEAndroid 5.1.1Not Available

Canadian Galaxy Note 5 (SM-N920W8)

  • Not eligible for Android 8.0 Oreo and Android 9 Pie updates
Model No.DateUpdate Download LinkAndroid OSChangelog
SM-N920W809 Aug 2017N920W8VLS4CQH1Android 7.0August 2017 security patch
SM-N920W803 Jul 2017N920W8VLS4CQG1Android 7.0July 2017 security patch
SM-N920W805 Jun 2017N920W8VLS4CQF2Android 7.0June 2017 security patch
SM-N920W827 Mar 2017N920W8VLU4CQC9Android 7.0March 2017 security patch
SM-N920W825 Nov 2016N920W8VLU4BPK4Android 6.0.1November 2016 security patch
SM-N920W803 Oct 2016N920W8VLU4BPJ1Android 6.0.1October 2016 security patch

Update download

Download the firmware for your Galaxy Note 5 from the ‘Update download link’ section above, and save it on your Windows PC. Be sure to match the model no. of your Note 5 with that of the firmware. Now, you can extract the firmware, and use the Odin PC software to install it on your Note 5. For a detailed guide on this, check out our Samsung firmware installation page.

If you need any help with this, sure give us a shout via the comments section below.


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