Samsung Galaxy Note 5 not to have a micro SD card slot

galaxy note 5

Samsung was one of the few manufacturers that managed to include removable batteries and SD card slots supporting expandable storage. However, when the firm’s flagship Galaxy S6 came without these aspects, the potential buyers sought out for other means to quench their requirements. Eventually, the firm faced zero issues selling millions of units of these flagship smartphones all over the world.

The latest speculation related to the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 tips that Samsung is heading towards a different direction as the fifth generation phablet is alleged not to feature expandable storage support or removable battery.

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge came with the fastest internal storage system called UFS 2.0 (Universal Flash Storage). In comparison to the eMMC 5.0 memory used in the rival flagship smartphones, the UFS 2.0’s performance is better. Along with this, Samsung axed the micro SD to make its devices slim.

As the Galaxy Note 5 has to be slim, Samsung appears to be following the same design standard that was introduced with the Galaxy S6. Apart from this, the UFS 2.0 will make use of a separate memory controlled for data transfer management that is also different than the one used by eMMC 5.0 memory.

Via: Droid Life