Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Rooted!

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is yet to reach in the hands of consumers but the rockstar developer, Chainfire, already has the good news for us rooted folks! Chainfire has released root for Galaxy Note 4 in the classic Cf Auto Root package for the Chinese variant of the device for which the firmwares have already been out. Root will be available for other variants of the Galaxy Note 4 as soon as more firmwares gets released.

So far root is available for the following variants of Galaxy Note 4:

Chainfire has stated that he’ll release root for more Galaxy Note 4 variants as soon as stock firmwares for those will be available. But expect issues in achieving root access on the carrier variants of Galaxy Note 4. As we all know, it has never been an easier road to root those carrier locked Samsung devices, specially those from Verizon and AT&T.

In case you’ve never used a rooted Android device before or you’re that great noob who never even heard of rooting Android before, then know that rooting simply means having root access on your Android device. It’s having system-level privileges on your device. You don’t get these privileges by default on your device because if misused or used without caution these privileges can easily make useless (brick) an otherwise fine device.

That said, rooting is all fun and gems. You’d be able to customize every bit of your Galaxy Note 4 with root access, even install an entirely custom ROM/OS on the device.

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