Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Camera Sample Pictures

You can hate everything Samsung — their gimmicks, UI, product design and other design, but you can’t hate the camera on Samsung’s flagship devices. I’ve always found Samsung’s camera to be one of the best in business and coupling that with their own camera app, the images and videos taken are always sharp and clear on Samsung devices. And the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s 16MP camera is even better.

Thanks to T-Mobile Product Team Lead Des Smith for sharing some camera samples of Galaxy Note 4 with us. Have a look:


20140902_180520 20140902_180808 20140902_191307 20140902_194644 20140902_201138 20140903_123638

Check out all the 74 pictures that Des Smith shared on Google+.

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  • AcemanX AcemanX

    gorgeous! i knew it! samsung did it again with the note 4, we finally got OiS wooooohooo

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