Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is rumored to have 25W fast charging

We were quite excited when we first heard about the rumor of Galaxy Note 10 featuring a cool 45W fast charging capacity. You know, charging 45W speeds is very special, if only because it’s just 3 times the 15W capacity our Galaxy S10 make does with. But it seems our joy has a very short tenure.

A new rumor coming from XDA’er Max Weinbach states that the Galaxy Note 10 will feature the same fast charging tech that the Galaxy S10’s 5G variant does, at 25W capacity. Though, the 45W fast charging hasn’t been ruled out entirely — the tweet further states that it is the Galaxy A90 that will come with the super fast charging feature.

Again, it is important to remember that no sources are ever revealed to us. Also, this is not the case with just this particular leak, but even the one that came from Ice Universe. Though, we both the sources are trust-able.

Still, if there is any merit to this news, then the Note 10 will still have faster charging than Galaxy S10 but it will still lag behind OnePlus 7 Pro which has 30W fast charging.

With all the rumors and contradictory leaks, it is truly difficult to predict what the Note 10 is going to bring to the table. This will be the situation for the next few weeks though and we simply have to wait for the actual launch to see if all the misdirection was worth it. Nevertheless, at a flagship price, Note 10 should definitely have something exceptional under the hood and we look forward to its unveiling.