Samsung Galaxy J6: Specs, release date and more; Clears FCC

Galaxy J7 2017

Samsung has been selling the budget and midrange Galaxy J series for a few years now. Given the impressive traction the series has gained over the period, the Korean company is reportedly looking to expand its portfolio in this segment.

A few weeks ago, a list of unannounced Samsung phones appeared online and among them was the Galaxy J4, Galaxy J6, and Galaxy J8. We already have an idea about the Galaxy J4 specs and features and we recently bumped into the J8 specs. In this post, it’s all about the Galaxy J6, beginning with the specs.

Samsung Galaxy J6 specs and features


A Samsung phone with model number SM-J600F has made a stop on benchmarking platform Geekbench. Based on how Samsung names its handsets in the J series, it’s an easy guess that the leaked model is truly the Galaxy J6.

Here, we have a number of Galaxy J6 specs:

  • Android 8.0.0 Oreo (based on Samsung Experience 9.5)
  • Exynos 7870 chipset clocked at 1.59GHz
  • 2GB RAM

If you are familiar with Geekbench, you’ll know that this is all the platform gave us. Despite not being much, the specs do tell us that the Galaxy J6 will have some similarities with the Galaxy J5 2017 and J7 2017, more so the former.

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The 2017 pair is powered by the same Exynos 7870 chipset, but it’s only the J5 2017 that also gets a 2GB RAM variant. Given that the Galaxy J6 is poised to get the same chipset and RAM module, it’s likely that external differences between the two will be more pronounced. Unfortunately, that’s all we have on the J6 specs and features, at least for now.

Samsung Galaxy J6 price and release date

  • No price and release date details
  • Could be unveiled alongside other Galaxy J 2018 phones
  • Could be priced at about €300
  • Clears Wi-Fi Alliance (April 12)
  • Clears FCC (April 15)

Galaxy-J7-2017At launch, the Galaxy J5 2017 commanded a price tag of €279 and the J7 2017 was valued at €339. Given that the Galaxy J6 will find a spot between these two, we expect a price tag of about €300 or thereabouts.

Like the price, we cannot say much about the Galaxy J6 release date. However, if Samsung were to unveil the phone, we expect it to launch alongside other Galaxy J 2018 handsets, probably somewhere in May or June.

Of course, we’ll be here to let you know if and when the Galaxy J6 materializes. Stay tuned.

April 10: Galaxy J6 clears Wi-Fi Alliance as model SM-J600F/DS


We already knew that Samsung is working on a Galaxy J6 handset, but we’ve mostly had to deal with information from unverified sources, until now.

Thanks to the Wi-Fi Alliance, we can now confirm that the Galaxy J6 is actually in the works. The organization has cleared the phone with model number SM-J600F/DS, which stamps authority to what has been mostly based on rumors and speculations.

Besides the model number, the only other notable info we can pull from the WFA listing is the software, where the Galaxy J6 has been cleared with Android 8.0 Oreo, which was expected anyway.

April 12: More Galaxy J6 variants cleared by WFA

Samsung-Galaxy-J6The Wi-Fi Alliance recently cleared a single variant of the Galaxy J6 with model number SM-J600F/DS. Now we have even more variants of the same phone with model numbers SM-J600F, SM-J600FN, SM-J600FN/DS, SM-J600G, SM-J600G/DS and SM-J600GT/DS. From what we know with Samsung’s numbering, we can tell that the Galaxy J6 will be sold Asia, Europe, and Africa, among other markets.


April 15: The Galaxy J6 passes through FCC

We just spotted the model no. SM-J600F of a Samsung device clear through FCC. Even though it’s not official, but we know for good reasons that the model SM-J600 would be the Galaxy J6, which has also cleared Wi-Fi Alliance (see above).

Putting this together, this only means that the J6 release is closer than ever. We can expect Samsung to unveil the Galaxy J6 smartphone in early-May, at last-to-last, mid-May. The Korean tech giant could lunch the Galaxy J6 in India and Europe first, followed by other regions, but not the US, where given their history, they may continue selling dated models through the carriers — we expect them to announce the 2018 editions of the Galaxy J3 and Galaxy J7 handsets soon, that will be available on at least all top carriers like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

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