Galaxy J5 Android Pie update and other news: Jan 2019 patch hits the 2017 model

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February 12, 2019: A new update that installs January 2019 security patch is available for the 2017 Galaxy J5. The update is rolling out as version J530FXXU3BSA3 and further installs bug fixes and improves the performance of the handset, so be sure to download it once it arrives.

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Samsung’s Galaxy J5 phones are a big hit among users looking to buy a mid-range line smartphone. Which is why we are confident that Samsung would definitely release at least one major OS update for the Galaxy J5 handsets, but which models in the J5 series get the latest Android OS remains to be seen. But we shall discuss it below.

Besides major OS upgrades and stuff, this page also gets you firmware download for the Galaxy J5 sets – firmware files that contain monthly security patch updates that Samsung has been pushing out OTA of consistently as well as OS upgrades, in certain cases.

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Software update timeline

Galaxy J5 2017 update (SM-J530F)

Model No.DateSoftware versionAndroid OSChangelog
SM-J530F12 Feb 2019J530FXXU3BSA3Android 8.1January 2019 security patch
SM-J530F17 Dec 2018J530FXXU3BRK1Android 8.1December 2018 security patch
SM-J530F31 Oct 2018J530FXWU3BRJ1Android 8.1October 2018 security update
SM-J530F12 Sep 2018J530FXWU3BRI1Android 8.1September 2018 security patch
SM-J530F24 Aug 2018J530FXXU2BRH5Android 8.1Installs Android 8.1 Oreo and August 2018 security patch
SM-J530F27 Jul 2017J530FXWU1AQG3Android 7.0August 2017 security patch
SM-J530F27 Jun 2017J530FXWU1AQF5Android 7.0July 2017 security patch
SM-J530F14 Jun 2017J530FXWU1AQF4Android 7.0June 2017 security patch
SM-J530F13 Jun 2017J530FXXU1AQF6Android 7.0June 2017 security patch
SM-J530F09 Jun 2017J530FXWU1AQF2Android 7.0June 2017 security patch
SM-J530F08 Jun 2017J530FXXU1AQF5Android 7.0June 2017 security patch
SM-J530F01 Jun 2017J530FXWU1AQF1Android 7.0June 2017 security patch
SM-J530F30 May 2017J530FXXU1AQEDAndroid 7.0May 2017 security patch

Galaxy J5 2017 update (SM-J530FM)

DateSoftware versionAndroid OSChangelog
22 Oct 2018J530FMXXU5BRJ2Android 8.0October 2018 security update
12 Sep 2018 J530FMXXU5BRI1Android 8.0September 2018 security update
24 Aug 2018J530FMXXU4BRH5Android 8.0Installs Android 8.0 Oreo and August 2018 security patch
18 Jul 2018J530FMXXU4ARG1Android 7.0June 2018 security patch
23 Apr 2018J530FMXXU3ARC1Android 7.0April 2018 security patch
22 Jan 2018J530FMXXU3ARA1Android 7.0January 2018 security patch

Galaxy J5 Pro update (SM-J530Y)

DateSoftware versionAndroid OSChangelog
31 Oct 2018J530YDXU4BRJ1Android 8.1October 2018 security patch
07 Sep 2018J530YDXU3BRH6Android 8.1Installs Android 8.1 Oreo and August 2018 security patch
20 Sep 2017J530YDXU2AQI4Android 7.0August 2017 security patch
01 Sep 2017J530YDXU1AQI1Android 7.0August 2017 security patch
19 Aug 2017J530YDXU1AQHAAndroid 7.0August 2017 security patch
19 Aug 2017J530YDXU1AQHBAndroid 7.0August 2017 security patch
08 Jun 2017J530YDXU1AQF1Android 7.0June 2017 security patch

Galaxy J5 Pro update (SM-J530YM)

DateSoftware versionAndroid OSChangelog
05 Nov 2018J530YMDXU4BRJ1Android 8.1October 2018 security patch
06 Sep 2018J530YMDXU3BRH6Android 8.1Installs Android 8.1 Oreo and August 2018 security patch
07 Aug 2018J530YMDXU3ARG2Android 7.0June 2018 security patch
20 May 2018J530YMDXU3ARD1Android 7.0April 2018 security patch
07 Feb 2018J530YMDXU3ARA1Android 7.0January 2018 security patch

Galaxy J5 Pro update (SM-J530G)

DateSoftware versionAndroid OSChangelog
26 Nov 2018J530GUBU3BRK1Android 8.1November 2018 security patch
12 Sep 2018J530GUBU3BRH5Android 8.1Installs Android 8.1 Oreo and August 2018 security patch
31 July 2018J530GUBU3ARG1Android 7.0June 2018 security patch
26 Feb 2018J530GUBU2ARB1Android 7.0February 2018 security patch
12 June 2017J530GUBU1AQF2Android 7.0June 2017 security patch

Galaxy J5 Pro update (SM-J530GM)

DateSoftware versionAndroid OSChangelog
10 Sep 2018J530GMUBU3BRH5 Android 8.1Installs Android 8.1 Oreo and August 2018 security patch
13 Aug 2018J530GMUBU3ARG1Android 7.0June 2018 security patch
04 Apr 2018J530GMUBU2ARC1Android 7.0March 2018 security patch
12 June 2017J530GMUBU1AQF2Android 7.0June 2017 security patch

Galaxy J5 Prime update

  • Android Oreo update: Released on September 9, 2018
Model No.DateSoftware versionAndroid OSChangelog
SM-G570F12 Dec 2018G570FXXU1CRK1Android 8.0November 2018 security patch
SM-G570F12 Sep 2018G570FXXU1CRH9Android 8.0September 2018 security patch
SM-G570F09 Sep 2018G570FXXU1CRH9Android 8.0Installs Android 8.0 Oreo, Samsung Experience 9.0, and August 2018 security patch
SM-G570F22 Sep 2017G570FXXU1BQI6Android 7.0August 2017 security patch
SM-G570F04 Sep 2017G570FXXU1AQI1Android 6.0.1August 2017 security patch
SM-G570F24 Aug 2017G570FXXU1AQH6Android 6.0.1August 2017 security patch
SM-G570F22 Aug 2017G570FDDU1AQH1Android 6.0.1August 2017 security patch
SM-G570F22 Aug 2017G570FXXU1AQH5Android 6.0.1August 2017 security patch
SM-G570F17 Aug 2017G570FXXU1AQH4Android 6.0.1August 2017 security patch
SM-G570F19 Jul 2017G570FDDU1AQG2Android 6.0.1July 2017 security patch
SM-G570F12 Jul 2017G570FXXU1AQG3Android 6.0.1July 2017 security patch
SM-G570F16 Jun 2017G570FXXU1AQF2Android 6.0.1June 2017 security patch
SM-G570F22 May 2017G570FDDU1AQE1Android 6.0.1May 2017 security patch
SM-G570F19 Apr 2017G570FXXU1AQD2Android 6.0.1April 2017 security patch
SM-G570F18 Apr 2017G570FDDU1AQD1Android 6.0.1April 2017 security patch
SM-G570F30 Mar 2017G570FDDU1AQC4Android 6.0.1April 2017 security patch
SM-G570F30 Mar 2017G570FXXU1AQC5Android 6.0.1April 2017 security patch
SM-G570F16 Mar 2017G570FXXU1AQC2Android 6.0.1March 2017 security patch
SM-G570F28 Feb 2017G570FXXU1AQB5Android 6.0.1March 2017 security patch
SM-G570F27 Jan 2017G570FXXU1AQA5Android 6.0.1February 2017 security patch
SM-G570M09 Oct 2018G570MUBU3CRI3Android 8.0Installs Android 8.0 Oreo and October 2018 security update
SM-G570M28 Apr 2018G570MUBU2BRC2Android 6.0.1March 2018 security patch
SM-G570M23 Aug 2017G570MUBU1AQH2Android 6.0.1August 2017 security patch
SM-G570M05 Jul 2017G570MUBU1AQG1Android 6.0.1July 2017 security patch
SM-G570M18 Apr 2017G570MUBU1AQD1Android 6.0.1April 2017 security patch
SM-G570Y10 Jan 2019G570YDXU2CRL1Android 8.0December 2018 security patch
SM-G570Y20 Oct 2018G570YDXU2CRI1Android 8.0Installs Android 8.0 Oreo and September 2018 security patch
SM-G570Y05 Aug 2018G570YDXS2BRG1Android 7.0July 2018 security patch
SM-G570Y30 Oct 2017G570YDXU1BQJ1Android 7.0Installs Android 7.0 Nougat and August 2017 security patch
SM-G570Y15 Aug 2017G570YDXU1AQH1Android 6.0.1August 2017 security patch
SM-G570Y19 Jul 2017G570YDXU1AQG1Android 6.0.1July 2017 security patch
SM-G570Y03 May 2017G570YDXU1AQE1Android 6.0.1May 2017 security patch
SM-G570Y03 Apr 2017G570YDXU1AQD1Android 6.0.1April 2017 security patch
SM-G570Y15 Mar 2017G570YDXU1AQC4Android 6.0.1March 2017 security patch
SM-G570Y28 Dec 2016G570YDXU1APL6Android 6.0.1September 2016 security patch
SM-G570Y28 Dec 2016G570YDXU1APL5Android 6.0.1September 2016 security patch
SM-G570Y28 Dec 2016G570YDXU1APL4Android 6.0.1December 2016 security patch

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Galaxy J5 2016 update

Model No.DateSoftware versionAndroid OSChangelog
SM-J510FN02 Feb 2019J510FNXXU2BRL2Android 6.0.1December 2018 security patch, bug fixes, and stability improvements
SM-J510FN10 Jan 2019J510FNXXU2BRL1Android 6.0.1December 2018 security patch
SM-J510F13 Jun 2018J510FQXXU2BRE2Android 6.0.1June 2018 security patch
SM-J510F22 May 2o18J510FNXXU2BRD7Android 6.0.1May 2018 security patch
SM-J510F3 May 2018J510FNXXU2BRD4Android 6.0.1April 2018 security patch
SM-J510F28 Jul 2017J510FXXU2AQG4Android 6.0.1August 2017 security patch
SM-J510F27 Mar 2017J510FXXU2AQC1Android 6.0.1April 2017 security patch
SM-J510F25 Jan 2017J510FXXU2AQA3Android 6.0.1February 2017 security patch
SM-J510F04 Nov 2016J510FXXU1APK1Android 6.0.1November 2016 security patch
SM-J510F16 May 2016J510FXXU1APE2Android 6.0.1May 2016 security patch
SM-J510F06 Apr 2016J510FXXU1APD2Android 6.0.1April 2016 security patch
SM-J510FN15 Sep 2017J510FNXXS2AQI4Android 6.0.1August 2017 security patch
SM-J510FN12 Sep 2017J510FNXXU2AQI3Android 6.0.1August 2017 security patch
SM-J510FN19 Jul 2017J510FNXXU2AQG3Android 6.0.1July 2017 security patch
SM-J510GN21 Jul 2017J510GNDXU2AQG2Android 6.0.1July 2017 security patch
SM-J510GN24 May 2017J510GNDXU2AQE2Android 6.0.1May 2017 security patch
SM-J510GN24 Apr 2017J510GNDXU2AQD2Android 6.0.1April 2017 security patch
SM-J510GN09 Feb 2017J510GNDXU2AQB1Android 6.0.1February 2017 security patch
SM-J510GN17 Jan 2017J510GNDXS1AQA2Android 6.0.1July 2016 security patch
SM-J510GN11 Jan 2017J510GNDXS1AQA1Android 6.0.1August 2016 security patch
SM-J510GN21 Dec 2016J510GNDXU2APL2Android 6.0.1December 2016 security patch
SM-J510GN01 Oct 2016J510GNDXU1APJ1Android 6.0.1October 2016 security patch
SM-J510GN18 Aug 2016J510GNDXU1APH1Android 6.0.1August 2016 security patch
SM-J510GN28 Jul 2016J510GNDXU1APG2Android 6.0.1August 2016 security patch
SM-J510GN01 Jul 2016J510GNDXU1APG1Android 6.0.1July 2016 security patch
SM-J510GN23 Jun 2016J510GNDXU1APF4Android 6.0.1July 2016 security patch
SM-J510GN01 Jun 2016J510GNDXU1APF1Android 6.0.1June 2016 security patch
SM-J510GN28 Apr 2016J510GNDXU1APD6Android 6.0.1April 2016 security patch
SM-J510GN25 Apr 2016J510GNDXU1APD5Android 6.0.1April 2016 security patch
SM-J510H19 Jul 2017J510HXXU2AQG2Android 6.0.1July 2017 security patch
SM-J510H12 Apr 2017J510HXXU2AQD2Android 6.0.1April 2017 security patch
SM-J510H18 Jan 2017J510HXXU2AQA3Android 6.0.1January 2017 security patch
SM-J510H04 Jul 2016J510HXXU1APG1Android 6.0.1July 2016 security patch
SM-J510H06 May 2016J510HXXU1APE2Android 6.0.1May 2016 security patch
SM-J510MN18 Sep 2017J510MNUBU2AQI4Android 6.0.1August 2017 security patch
SM-J510MN25 Aug 2017J510MNUBU2AQH3Android 6.0.1August 2017 security patch
SM-J510MN19 Jul 2017J510MNUBU2AQG5Android 6.0.1July 2017 security patch
SM-J510MN19 Jul 2017J510MNVJU2AQG3Android 6.0.1July 2017 security patch
SM-J510MN09 May 2017J510MNVJU2AQE2Android 6.0.1May 2017 security patch
SM-J510MN08 May 2017J510MNUBU2AQE2Android 6.0.1May 2017 security patch
SM-J510MN20 Mar 2017J510MNVJU2AQC2Android 6.0.1March 2017 security patch
SM-J510MN16 Mar 2017J510MNUBU2AQC2Android 6.0.1March 2017 security patch
SM-J510MN01 Mar 2017J510MNUBU2AQC1Android 6.0.1March 2017 security patch
SM-J510MN13 Feb 2017J510MNVJU2AQB2Android 6.0.1February 2017 security patch
SM-J510MN23 Jan 2017J510MNUBU2AQA3Android 6.0.1February 2017 security patch
SM-J510MN12 Sep 2016J510MNUBU1API1Android 6.0.1September 2016 security patch
SM-J510MN26 Jul 2016J510MNUBU1APG1Android 6.0.1August 2016 security patch
SM-J510MN10 May 2016J510MNUBU1APE2Android 6.0.1May 2016 security patch

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Galaxy J5 Android 9 Pie update

  • No current model is eligible for Android Pie update

Samsung has yet to unveil a Galaxy J5 handset in 2018, but if and when it does, the phone will definitely be eligible for an update to Android 9 Pie. As for the Galaxy J5 2017 family, Oreo is already rolling out, which is the only major OS upgrade the series will receive. This list further includes the 2016 and OG J5 handsets, which, in fact, are no longer on Samsung’s list of supported devices.

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Samsung One UI

Samsung will not roll out the official Pie update to any of the current Galaxy J5 handsets, the latest having been released in 2017, meaning there is no chance One UI will reach the devices. Whether developers will factor in the J5 and give is a One UI treat unofficially is unknown, but its unlikely. Of course, well keep an eye on the developments and update this post if and when we get new info.

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Galaxy J5 Android Oreo update

  • Android Oreo released on August 24, 2018
DeviceModelAndroid Oreo (8.0/8.1)Expected Release Date
Galaxy J5 2015SM-J500Not eligibleNA
Galaxy J5 2016SM-J510Not eligibleNA
Galaxy J5 ProSM-J530YEligibleReleased on September 7, 2018
Galaxy J5 PrimeSM-G570F/M/YEligibleReleased on September 9, 2018
Galaxy J5 2017SM-J530FEligibleReleased on August 24, 2018

The update to Android Oreo started rolling out to the Galaxy J5 (SM-J530F) on August 24th and has since appeared on models SM-J530FM and SM-J530Y, the latter being the Galaxy J5 Pro.

Galaxy J5 2015 update

The original Galaxy J5 started out with Lollipop. The device featured a moderate 1.5GB of RAM, the Snapdragon 410 and a 2600mAh battery. But Samsung is gonna skip the Nougat update for the Galaxy J5 2015.

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Oh btw, there was some confusion that Samsung would release the Nougat update for the J5 2015, because it so appeared on the update plans that appeared in February, but the updated chart that appeared in April had no mention of it. hence, kind of confirmed, no Nougat for the J5 2015.

Needless to say, there won’t be Oreo update either for the J5 2015.

Android update release → Nougat: Not expected | Oreo: Not expected.

How to install Galaxy J5 firmware

grab the firmware from the download section above, and save it on your PC. Next, visit our Odin Samsung firmware installation guide here to get step-by-step instructions on installing the update.

Let us know in comments if you need any help with this.