Galaxy J2 Android 9 Pie news and more: April patch arrives on Pro variant

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April 20, 2019: Samsung is rolling out a new software update to the Galaxy J2 Pro with model number SM-J250M. The update is rolling out as version J250MUBS5ASD2 and installs April 2019 security patch, bug fixes, and performance improvements to the device.

The OTA is available over the air, meaning it will take several days before all J2 Pro units get the download notification.

Software update timeline

Galaxy J2 Core update timeline

This is Samsung’s first Android Go-powered device. It runs Android 8.1 Oreo out of the box and is expected to get the Go-inspired Pie update somewhere in 2019.

DateSoftware versionAndroid OSChangelog
17 Dec 2018J260GDDU2ARK4Android 8.1December 2018 security patch
22 Oct 2018J260GDDU2ARJ1Android 8.1October 2018 security update
09 Sep 2018J260GDDU1ARH6Android 8.1July 2018 security update

Galaxy J2 Pro/J2 2018 update timeline (SM-J250F/M)

Announced in 2018, the Galaxy J2 Pro is known as the Galaxy J2 2018 or Galaxy Grand Prime Pro in other markets. The device rocks model number SM-J250 and comes preinstalled with Android 7.1.1 Nougat, but being an entry-level device, there’s no chance it’ll be upgraded to Android Oreo. As for the rest of the updates, check the table below.

Model No.DateSoftware versionChangelog
SM-J250M15 Apr 2019J250MUBS5ASD2 | Android 7.1April 2019 security patch
SM-J250M28 Feb 2019J250MUBS5ASB2 | Android 7.1February 2019 security patch
SM-J250F26 Mar 2019J250FXWU2ASC1 | Android 7.1March 2019 security patch
SM-J250F10 Jan 2019J250FXXU2ARL1 | Android 7.1December 2018 security patch
SM-J250F14 Nov 2018J250FXXS2ARK1 | Android 7.1November 2018 security patch
SM-J250F03 May 2018J250FXWU2ARD7 | Android 7.1May 2018 security patch

Galaxy J2 Prime/Ace update timeline

The Samsung Galaxy J2 (SM-G532F/M/DS) Prime is not even a year old when Google released the Android 8.0 update for the world, but being a budget device it remains highly doubtful Samsung would spend time developing the Android Oreo update for the device.

Galaxy J2 Ace comes as model no. SM-G532G.

Expected Oreo release: Not expected.

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Model No.DateSoftware versionAndroid OSChangelog
SM-G532G17 May 2018G532GDDU1ARD1Android 6.0.1May 2018 security patch
SM-G532G27 Feb 2018G532GDDU1ARB4Android 6.0.1March 2018 security patch
SM-G532G13 Nov 2017G532GDXU1AQK1Android 6.0.1August 2017 security patch
SM-G532G21 Sep 2017G532GDXU1AQI2Android 6.0.1August 2017 security patch
SM-G532G24 Jun 2017G532GDXU1AQF3Android 6.0.1June 2017 security patch
SM-G532G29 May 2017G532GDDU1AQE3Android 6.0.1June 2017 security patch
SM-G532G09 Mar 2017G532GDDU1AQC5Android 6.0.1March 2017 security patch
SM-G532M19 Jun 2018G532MUMS1ARF2Android 6.0.1June 2018 security patch
SM-G532M23 Aug 2017G532MUMU1AQH1Android 6.0.1August 2017 security patch
SM-G532M11 Jul 2017G532MUMU1AQG5Android 6.0.1July 2017 security patch
SM-G532M28 Apr 2017G532MUMU1AQD2Android 6.0.1May 2017 security patch
SM-G532M29 Mar 2017G532MUMU1AQC3Android 6.0.1April 2017 security patch
SM-G532M13 Mar 2017G532MUMU1AQC1Android 6.0.1March 2017 security patch
SM-G532F17 July 2018G532FXWU1ARG4Android 6.0July 2018 security patch

Galaxy J2 and J2 Pro 2016 update timeline

At 1.5GB of RAM and a relatively rare processor, it’s clear Samsung has to cut down on some resources to release the Galaxy J2 within the cost it wanted for the device. Would Samsung devote resources to develop and release Oreo update for the device. Well, nope it seems.

Expected Oreo release: Not expected.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Pie update

Model No.DateSoftware versionAndroid OSChangelog
SM-J210F12 Jun 2018J210FXXU0ARE6Android 6.0.1June 2018 security patch
SM-J210F10 Apr 2018J210FXXU0ARC7Android 6.0.1April 2018 security patch
SM-J210F09 Aug 2017J210FDDU0AQH2Android 6.0.1August 2017 security patch
SM-J210F28 Jul 2017J210FXXU0AQG4Android 6.0.1August 2017 security patch
SM-J210F10 Apr 2017J210FDDU0AQD1Android 6.0.1April 2017 security patch
SM-J210F10 Apr 2017J210FXXU0AQD1Android 6.0.1April 2017 security patch
SM-J210F09 Mar 2017J210FXXU0AQC5Android 6.0.1March 2017 security patch
SM-J210F09 Mar 2017J210FDDU0AQC1Android 6.0.1March 2017 security patch
SM-J210F22 Nov 2016J210FXXU0APK4Android 6.0.1October 2016 security patch
SM-J210F22 Nov 2016J210FDDU0APK8Android 6.0.1October 2016 security patch
SM-J210F03 Nov 2016J210FXXU0APK1Android 6.0.1October 2016 security patch
SM-J210F22 Aug 2016J210FDDU0APH1Android 6.0.1August 2016 security patch
SM-J210F05 Aug 2016J210FXXU0APH2Android 6.0.1August 2016 security patch
SM-J210F12 Jul 2016J210FXXU0APG1Android 6.0.1July 2016 security patch
SM-J210F27 Jun 2016J210FDDU0APF5Android 6.0.1July 2016 security patch
SM-J210F09 Jun 2016J210FXXU0APF4Android 6.0.1June 2016 security patch

Galaxy J2 2015 update timeline

Being a budget device and pretty old too now, there is no chance Samsung would roll out the Oreo OTA for the Galaxy J2 2015.

Galaxy J2 Pie update

DeviceModelAndroid 9 PieExpected Release Date
Galaxy J2SM-J200Not eligibleNA
Galaxy J2 2016SM-J210Not eligibleNA
Galaxy J2 Pro 2016SM-J210Not eligibleNA
Galaxy J2 PrimeSM-G532Not eligibleNA
Galaxy J2 AceSM-G832Not eligibleNA
Galaxy J2 Pro (J2 2018)SM-J250FNot eligibleNA
Galaxy J2 CoreSM-J260GEligibleQ2 2019

Samsung isn’t a fan of rolling out major OS upgrades to its entry-level devices, which is why there isn’t so much expectation with respect to the lineup’s Android 9 Pie update. Still, we expect to see Android 9 Pie Go Edition arrive on the Galaxy J2 Core (SM-J260G) at some point in 2019. We’ll update this post if and when we get official info on this matter.

Samsung One UI

Although Samsung hasn’t said a thing, we think the Galaxy J2 Core will be updated to Android 9 Pie. This means that there is a small chance One UI could accompany the Pie update to these devices. However, no official word is available at the moment from Samsung regarding if and when this One UI will arrive, but we won’t be surprised if it misses out on the One UI. Only time will tell.

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Galaxy J2 Oreo update

DeviceModelAndroid 8.0Expected Release Date
Galaxy J2SM-J200Not eligibleNA
Galaxy J2 2016SM-J210Not eligibleNA
Galaxy J2 Pro 2016SM-J210Not eligibleNA
Galaxy J2 PrimeSM-G532Not eligibleNA
Galaxy J2 AceSM-G832Not eligibleNA
Galaxy J2 Pro (J2 2018)SM-J250FNot eligibleNA
Galaxy J2 CoreSM-J260GPre-installed

OnePlus 5 Pie update

How to install Galaxy J2 firmware

Well, check out the model no. of your Galaxy J2 first, and then download the latest firmware available above for your exact model no. Next, install the downloaded firmware using our Odin Samsung firmware installation guide here.

Let us know in comments if you need any help with this.


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