Samsung Galaxy Fold Android 10 update, security updates, and more: Android 10 rolling out for the 5G edition too!

The Galaxy Fold is undoubtedly one of Samsung’s most adventurous projects ever. The South Korean OEM got a lot of flak after its failed first attempt, but the company’s relentless determination is ultimately paying dividends.

The South Korean OEM launched a reworked Galaxy Fold later on, branding it as a step towards shaping the future of the smartphone industry. We’re yet to see how and if the phone stands the test of time, but the company and some users are certainly hopeful.

This section, however, doesn’t deal with cracked screens and loose hinges, but with software updates that help your device operate at its best. For information related to security updates, major Android OS rollouts, and everything in between; pay close attention to this space.

When will Galaxy Fold get the Android 10 update?

  • April 1: Released for Galaxy Fold 5G handsets in the UK
  • April 1: Original Galaxy Fold in the US (F900U1) is yet to receive Android 10
  • March 25: Android 10 is released for Galaxy Fold non-5G, Global edition
  • Could receive Android 10 in April 2020

Galaxy Fold is Samsung’s most expensive device ever, so, it’s guaranteed to get updated to Android 10. However, due to the phone’s unique build and display, Samsung would probably take a while to release the update. Expect the South Korean OEM to release the update at least a couple of months after the update goes live for the Galaxy S10 lineup.

One UI 2.0

  • One UI 2.0 beta could be out in December

One UI, which is currently running on Android 9 Pie, is Samsung’s custom skin. It’s next iteration, One UI 2.0, will be based on Google’s newest OS Android 10. It’ll build upon the useful features Samsung introduced last year, and hopefully deliver an even more fulfilling experience.

As mentioned earlier, Android 10-based One UI 2.0 could roll out between December 2019 and January 2020. We could see the beta update in November.

Galaxy Fold update timeline

Release DateSoftware Version — Changelog
25 Mar 2020F900FXXU3BTCD — Android 10 update (comes with One UI 2 UI); March 2020 security patch
10 Feb 2020F900FXXS3ATA3 — February 2020 security patch
07 Jan 2020F900FXXS2ASL6 — January 2020 security patch
26 Nov 2019F900FXXU2ASKB — DeX support, November 2019 security patch
11 Nov 2019F900FXXS2ASK1 — November 2019 security patch
18 Oct 2019F900FXXU1ASJ4 — October 2019 security patch | New camera features from the Note 10 like Night mode for Selfies, Super Steady mode, live focus videos mode, and even the AR Doodle mode

US Unlocked Galaxy Fold update timeline

Release DateSoftware Version — Changelog
10 Feb 2020F900U1UES3ATA1 — February 2020 security patch
14 Jan 2020F900U1UES2ASL1 — January 2020 security patch
25 Dec 2019F900U1UES2ASK2 — December 2020 security patch

Galaxy Fold 5G update timeline

Release DateSoftware Version — Changelog
01 Apr 2020F907BXXU3BTC9 — Android 10 update with One UI 2 UI; March 2020 security patch
30 Sep 2019F907BXXU1ASHA — Bug fixes and stability improvements
29 Oct 2019F907BXXU1ASJ5 — AR Doodle, Night mode selfies, Super Steady video recording, new Live Focus effects, and Live Focus video, bug fixes, October 2019 security patch

How to check for a software update on your Galaxy Fold?

check for new update

  1. Open the Settings app on your Galaxy Fold.
  2. Scroll down and tap Software update.
  3. Tap Download and install. If an update is already for your device, it will begin installing the update. But if it doesn’t check back in a few hours/days.

What is the latest update installed on your Samsung Galaxy Fold?


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