Samsung Galaxy F Release Date Said to be in September

We just got wind of another Galaxy F rumor and it’s about its release date. It’s being said that the Samsung’s most premium device to date would launch in September this year. Now, that is just 1-2 months before expected October release of Galaxy Note 4, if we were to go by previous releases of the Galaxy Note 4 series.

And more importantly, Apple’s iPhone 6 is rumored for release in September or October only. If Samsung were to give Apple’s it’s best shot, and the premium device the Galaxy F looks to be, it is indeed set for right release date.

As regards Note 4’s release, if Samsung pushes the that, it would provide enough time gap between its two major releases of the year. But if Samsung keeps the expected October release of Note 4, iPhone 6 would have to compete with both Galaxy F and Note 4 at the same time — which might be good, too, for Samsung!

We’ve already seen the Galaxy F leak in a blurry image, and a neat image (the one you see above).

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Samsung Galaxy F Specs

We expect the following specs to be on board the Galaxy F from Samsung.

  • 5.3 inch Quad HD display (like the G3)
  • Snapdragon 805 processor
  • 3GB RAM
  • 3000 mAh or above battery

That’s it. September-October is going to be deadly this time around, and lets not forget the HTC One M8 Plus/Prime, and the current hot-stock the LG G3.

What do you say?

Via evleaks

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    I went from the galaxy s3 to the note 3 & I can confidently say that I will never buy another samsung phone without the speaker on the front. Anywhere else means you are wasting energy to gain the same volume as a front facing and the sound is never clear enough on speaker phone call or when watching media. Here’s to hoping the Samsung engineers are too stupid to do something that 100% makes sense. Please forgive any errors as this was a voice dictated.

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