Samsung Galaxy A50, 50s Android 10 update, security updates and more: Android 10 now available for Global A50s handset

If you have bought a Samsung Galaxy A50 at Verizon, you may already be wondering when it will receive the Android 10 update, formerly Android Q. Well, we are gonna discuss the eligibility and release date of the A50’s Android 10 update here, but also much more than that. You see, security updates are equally important. So, here we will also be keeping track of all the monthly security patches that Samsung and Verizon release for the A50.

Will Samsung Galaxy A50 receive Android 10 update

  • Feb 13: Android 10 released for A50s
  • Both the A50 and A50s will receive Android 10
  • Android 10 will come with One UI 2 custom skin from Samsung
  • The A50 sets may also receive Android 11 update

Launched with Android Pie, both the A50 and A50s will surely receive the Android 10 update from Samsung. They are part of Samsung’s Android 10 device list and we think they are a candidate for the Android 11 update too like the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10.

When will Samsung release Android 10 for A50

  • Feb 13: Android 10 released for A50s (Version A507FNXXU3BTB2)
  • Android 10 is expected in April-May 2020 for the A50
  • Verizon A50 may receive Android 10 in May-June 2020

While all the A50 variants will receive the Android 10 update, not all will receive at once, together. As usual, Samsung will be updating the Global variant of the A50 (SM-A505F) first because rolling out the OTA update for that model is completely in its hands. We expect Samsung to release the A50 Android 10 update by April 2020 for the Global model.

However, when you talk about the Verizon A50, the carrier will be doing some testing of its own, and thus has a say in the release too. Because of the extra testing, the Android 10 update for Verizon A50 might be delayed by some time. Hence, for the Verizon A50, the Android 10 update could begin rolling out in May-June 2020.

One UI 2.0 Quick Settings Panel
Galaxy S9 running Pie (left) | Galaxy S10 running Android 10 (right)

One UI 2.0

Samsung’s Pie update came with the company’s custom skin called One UI. Now, the Android 10 update will be arriving as One UI 2.0, a successor to the original One UI OS. Thanks to the leak on S10 Plus, we already know how the One UI 2.0 will look like. Of course, it’s similar to One UI, and there are not many changes in the new version, but you will get some new features like Link to Windows, native Screen Recorder, new navigation gestures, slightly redesigned Quick Settings panel UI, etc.

Global A50s update

Release dateSoftware version — Changelog
13 Feb 2020A507FNXXU3BTB2 — Android 10 update with One UI 2; February 2020 security patch

Global A50 update

Release dateSoftware version — Changelog
11 Nov 2019A505FNXXS3ASK9 — Fingerprint recognition algorithm improvement, November 2019 security patch
04 Oct 2019A505FDDS2ASI3 — October 2019 security patch
09 Sep 2019A505FDDU2ASH4 — August 2019 security patch

Sprint A50 update

Release dateSoftware version — Changelog
21 Oct 2019A505USQU2ASI6 — October 2019 security patch
15 Jun 2019A505USQU1ASEL — May 2019 security patch

Verizon A50 update

Release dateSoftware version — Changelog
27 Dec 2019A505USQS3ASL4 — December 2019 security patch
03 Dec 2019A505USQS3ASK1 — November 2019 security patch, Improved fingerprint recognition algorithm
16 Oct 2019A505USQS2ASI5 — October 2019 security patch
30 Aug 2019A505USQU2ASH2 — August 2019 security patch
13 Jun 2019A505USQU1ASEL — May 2019 security patch

US Unlocked Galaxy A50 Update

Release dateSoftware version — Changelog
02 Nov 2019A505U1UEU2ASJ2 — October 2019 security patch


If you have any questions regarding Samsung Galaxy A50 software updates, be sure to shoot them in your comments below.


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