Samsung cutting on TouchWiz, new report tells same story again

Already feeling happy because of what title says? Well, if you’re like us, you would. We’ve heard it before that Samsung’s team is inspired by Nexus and want to cut the TouchWiz’s code to bare minimum, and this is further confirmed by today’s report stating exactly the same, while also adding that Samsung want to provide its own additional apps via Play Store and/or Samsung Apps store, so that users who wish to use one, can download and use.

Nothing new, but certainly not a bad idea, really.

Only that Samsung would really come to realize how much futile exercise it’s been doing for the last 2-3 years when only few people would turn to Play Store for downloading Samsung’s much-hated bloatware.

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Anyway, you can expect the firmware sizes of Samsung Galaxy S6 to go back to sensible level, after each flagship’s firmware broke earlier’s record, quite unnecessarily.

What this means is, that apps like S Translator and S Voice may not be given pre-installed berth, while S Health will maintain its seat in the firmware code because it’s one of the highlight features in adverts. And pretty useful, too, even for TouchWiz haters.

While, those extra settings in code, like Smart Stay, would either be removed completely, or will have an app of its own in the Play Store or Samsung Apps store.

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Via SamMobile

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