Samsung confirms the Galaxy A90, could be a phone for gamers!

Galaxy A90

Galaxy A series may get a new king soon, as Samsung’s US domain dropped some cool info about a new device, the Galaxy A90 while announcing their deal with Gameloft about Asphalt 9.

Samsung will be rewarding the users of a few notable handsets with 50,000 Asphalt 9 credits, 250 tokens, and 10 premium card packages. Among those devices to receive special in-game rewards from Samsung is the mention of Galaxy A90, along with top phones like Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10e.

As Samsung is mentioning the Galaxy A90 with regard to Asphalt 9, it is safe to assume that the Korean Tech giant is targeting gamers with the A90. Thus, we believe that the A90 could feature one of the fastest processors and a larger battery.

The rumor is that after introducing hole punch displays in their flagships, Samsung might just go ahead and introduce a pop-up selfie camera mechanism in the Galaxy A90 — that should also provide an increased incentive to gamers as they get the screen all to themselves, without any distraction that a notch and hole punch cameras give.

What are your thoughts on the Galaxy A90?