Samsung and Samsonite Partner to Create Smart Suitcases with GPS


Samsung is working with premium luggage firm Samsonite to develop an unlosable suitable. Both the firms are hoping to fit the luggage in this suitcase with a microchip that is GPS enabled. This way, people will know the exact location of their luggage.

With the help of these suitcases, the bags will no longer go be missing and also the users need not queue up in front of the conveyor belt as they will know where their bag is ready to collect.


In the future, the firms might make the luggage smarter by enabling it to send a message to the users as the luggage leaves the aircraft and another message when it joins the carousel.

The Chief Executive of Samsonite, Ramesh Tainwala claimed that the firm is working with Samsung to develop this suitcase that is more than a gimmick. However, the executive did not comment anything on when these smart suitcases will make their way into the market.

Via: DailyMail