Rumors afield: Is Samsung Zenzero the Active Galaxy S6?

Samsung has gotten into the habit of following up its flagship devices with their active versions — models that are stronger, have better waterproofing and that can stand rougher conditions than the normal versions. The Galaxy S4 had one, the S5 had one and sure enough, it seems like the Galaxy S6 will have one too.

While we had been hearing about the S6 active ever since the original came out at the MWC in March, we now have something more concrete to stand upon. Apparently, a Samsung device was spotted in the visitor logs of a well-known Android app. While that in itself wouldn’t be of much significance, the fact that the device was titled “Samsung Zenzero”  which sounds similar to Project Zero — Samsung’s name for its plan to alter and upgrade its device with the S6 the first on the list — along with the specifications we managed to lay our hands on are certainly suggestive.

The Zenzero runs on the Android 5.1 and has a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440. Add to that the pixel density of 560p and you are looking at 5.2 inches of display — which is smaller than what you would expect from the Galaxy Note 5, also named Samsung Zen by several leaks.

This however is no guarantee that the device is the Active S6 — for all we know it could be some variant of the Note 5 or the revamped version of any of the Project zero smartphones. The S6 Active — as per other reliable sources — will come with physical navigation buttons and bolts on its back and may look similar to the S5 Active.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

However, Samsung is known for keeping the active versions up its sleeve until right before it shoots them into the midst of the general public, so we will just have to wait for more information before we can say anything with more certainty.

Source: Phandroid