Root Sprint LG G3 on ZVB update [LS990]

If you updated your Sprint LG G3 to latest software version ZVB, then you’e probably missing having root access on it. Well, worry no more as the man we know of as Autoprime has come up with a solution already for you.

Both stock rooted ROM and a way to root a stock ROM are provided by Team Codefire. If you have TWRP recovery and want to to update to ZVB with root access, just flash the stock rooted ZVB on your Sprint G3 now.

Otherwise, if you have already updated to ZVB, and wanna root it, then follow the detailed root procedure linked below.

Option 1: Rooted Stock ZVB ROM

If you are yet to update to ZVB, and want to and have TWRP recovery, then simply download this ROM file and modem file from here, and flash them using TWRP’s install menu. Btw, here is our guide for Sprint G3 TWRP Recovery.

If you are using this option, it doesn’t matter which software version you currently have installed on your device. Flash the ROM, and be sure to flash the model file also. That’s it.

Option 2: Root G3 on ZVB update

If you have already updated to ZVB, then you have to go through a long, geeky and quite-interesting procedure to root your G3.

Find the manual root procedure at source page here (Method B there!).

Uh, btw, there is now a one-click-root script available that is based exactly on the manual procedure linked right above, but it does the job for you in an easy, quick way — a bit uninteresting too, if you geeky side of these things.

Find the one-click-root script here (find the file under ‘Attached files’ section). How to? Well, download the file, extract it to a separate folder and then run the .bat file on your Windows PC. Follow the instructions and you will have rooted your Sprint G3 on ZVB in no time. Thank l33tlinuxh4x0r for this!

Note: We thought about not sharing it at first so that you do the whole of root procedure manually, and feel so elated upon successful root, but then some of you may be put off by all that manual rooting stuff — it’s not hard to think of such people, I only have to look around. So, ther eisyour one-click-root script for ZVB root, and in case you were wondering it works with ZVA build too.

Need help with LG G3 Root?

Sure tell us you dilemma via comments section below. We’d try our best to help you.

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  • Justin

    My Sprint LG G# on ZVB will not download anything on the phone screen itself. It says firmware update at the top but stays at 0% the entire time.