Root Moto X after OTA Camera Update Using RockMyMoto Root Tool

Users of Moto X who lost root after installing the camera fix update, can gain the missing root access now back with the help of RockMyMoto root tool that was released only earlier today.

If you are a Moto X user in unable-to-root situation for so long, we just know how much grateful you are feeling right now — well, be sure to salute a thank to jcase, the creator of  the RockMyMoto root tool.

RockMyMoto, like other root tools, make unauthorized modifications to your phone’s files and this carrier a risk.

RockMyMoto isn’t any one click root tool — for example, the CF Auto Root by Chainfire — but needs you to be capable enough to work with command line (cmd) and needs little help from Cydia to do its job.

You will also void your Moto X’s warranty by using the RockMyMoto. So, consider these things before attempting, although there is no need to lose your mind over these as these is usual, and root access is just magnificent thing to have.

In order to use RockMyMoto to root Moto X, you need to install ADB drivers first and make sure that these are indeed working all good. Further, you will need to us Cydia for Android to achieve root on your Moto X using RockMyMoto.

Download all the tools needed and the instructions to root Moto X after OTA update on this XDA PAGE.

The video below shows that happening, and is a good watch before you try it yourself.

And btw, here is a very good full step-by-step guide to help you with RockMyMoto, written nicely by DG4FREE ► LINK.

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