[Root] LED Music Effects app can turn your device into a musical light show

led music effect

Android devices are quite popular for presence of active display and impersonator features that are carried out due to the presence of built-in LEDs. Usually, these features provide information about the screen such as notifications, low battery and other stuff.

But, the capabilities of LED lights do not end with that alone. Crafty developers have found other appealing uses for the neglected colorful diodes. There is an Android app called LED Music Effects that can turn your Android device’s LED indicator into a music visualizer. The only catch is that this application requires root access to reflect the rhythmic tone of songs. Also, your device should possess a built-in colorful LED.


The application enables the multicolored light to pulsate as per the music output from your device. If your device has several LEDs like in the 2012 lineup of Sony, the application will enable each LED to pulsate in a different color.


Notably, LED Music Effect supports endless list of music players such as Google Music, Spotify, Rhapsody and Poweramp. The developer seems to have tested the application on Sony Xperia phones and claims that it will function properly on other smartphones as well.

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Source: XDA-Developers