Root and install Play store on Ouya with the Ouya Superscript tool

So you have the OUYA and a couple of things might be turning you off, namely, no support for the Google Play Store and other fun things that Android devices are about, like rooting n stuff.  Well, thanks to developer TehCrucible, you can now easily install Play store, root and install a custom recovery on your Ouya with SuperScript .bat program for the Ouya.

The SuperScript is built upon the works of other developers and the features it provides are compelling to say the least. Let’s take a look at what you’ll be able to do with this package:

  • Install Clockworkmod recovery
  • Root Ouya
  • Install Xposed Framework
  • Install Play Store

There are no complicated requirements or procedure to follow to install these using the script. All you need to ensure is that your Ouya is on the updated stock firmware and that ADB drivers are installed on your PC. The installation is simply done by the script which also installs other necessary drivers for whichever platform of Windows you have (x86 or x64).

So just go ahead to the XDA thread which has the link to download the script and necessary files. And for the overtly sensitive of you folks, there’s a text file in the download itself with more explanation. So, happy rooting!

Download Ouya Superscript

via XDA

  • TehCrucible

    Thanks for the write up, but you spelt my name wrong. 🙂

    • Oops! Corrected. Sorry about that. Anyway, nice little program 🙂