Rogers HTC One M9 also receiving Android 5.1 update

Right in line with Verizon HTC One M9 5.1 rollout, the Rogers One M9 is also getting the Android 5.1 update treatment. While it’s great that Rogers keeps up with latest updates for its device pretty well, the carrier keeps a mum on providing a deserving changelog to go with update release.

Hence, while we know Android 5.1 is a sure thing with today’s OTA update, we can only guess that it also takes care of the one of the most critical vulnerability of Android OS, called Stagefright — something that most of the popular phones and tablets are getting a fixer update for.

If you haven’t received a notification for Android 5.1 update as OTA till now, try to force it on your device. For this, smash that ‘check for update’ button under Settings > About device > System update.

Do share your experience with the Rogers One M9 5.1 update. What visual changes do you see? Any performance and battery improvements?

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