[Revealed] LG G4 model no. is LG-H811

A Wi-Fi certification paper was spotted today, which gathers its importance from two key details: the model no. and the operating system. The latter is said to be L, which means that this device of LG runs Android 5.0, while the model no. is mentioned as LG-H811, which we believe is the international LG G4. From earlier reports, we knew that AT&T G4’s model no. is LG-H810.

Although we do not expect the LG G4 to be released in March, it looks like LG is still already hard at work getting clearance of various authorities as may be required.

Regarding LG G4 release date, the company is said to be mulling over repeating the same scheme it used for G3. For G3, LG waited until HTC and Samsung made their 2015 flagships official, and released its own flagship in G3 only two or three months later. This allowed LG to improve the spec-sheet when compared to offerings of the big Two.

The inclusion of 3GB RAM and Quad HD display in G3, compared to HTC One M8’s and Galxy S5’s 2GB RAM and Full HD display, really gave LG an upper hand last year, and it showed in the sales of G3, and LG’s profits for the period that followed G3 launch.

Reports have appeared claiming a May/June release is set for LG G4.

LG G4 specs have got their fair share of leaks and rumors, too, btw. Only yesterday, it was found that the Korean G4 could house the same Quad HD (2K) display as its predecessor G3 did, even though some reports indicated earlier that it will be the 3K resolution display that will grace the G4’s front. Frankly, we’re quite okay with Quad HD, which is already more than enough for a 5.5-inch device, the expected screen size of the LG G4.

64-bit octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor would run the show on LG G4 (same as in G Flex 2), while RAM of 3GB or 4GB is expected. LG G4’s camera will be a 16MP shooter, with same laser tech for fast auto-focus that we loved in G3 with 13MP camera.

Rumors have it that there will be no stylus with the LG G4, but there would be a mid-ranger LG G4 Stylus device, like last year’s G3 Stylus.

With all major OEMs a sure presence at MWC, we wouldn’t be surprised if LG too jumps the bandwagon talks a little bit about G4, but we don’t expect it to unveil its device of the year just yet.

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