Report: Huawei is prepping the next Nexus smartphone

huawei nexus

Huawei is speculated to release a Nexus smartphone later this year. The recent information regarding the same adds credibility to the previous reports that were out from China claiming that the firm will be working with Google to launch a new Nexus phone.

The latest report from The Information does not reveal any details other than the fall launch frame of the Huawei Nexus that is expected to happen. The collaboration of the Chinese giant with Google in the Nexus program will definitely help the firm boost its prestige in the Western regions.

On the other hand, Google has the benefits of partnering with Huawei. At the MWC, Google’s Head of Android, Sundar Pichai said that the firm is hoping to return to China that is a huge market for the apps and services of Google. A powerful partner such as Huawei will definitely help Google to become an important one in the Chinese market.


Huawei is also striving hard to change its image in the western markets with its brand. The premium devices such as the new P8 and Mate 7 have impressed the global smartphone arena with their design and specifications. Huawei is making a lot of approach to impress the U.S. customers with the P8 Lite that is a gimped variant of the P8 with a low price tag.

There are rumors that Google will release two Nexus smartphones this year. One is Huawei and the other is said to be LG. If so, this will be the first year that Google releases two Nexus smartphones by collaborating with two OEMs.

Source: The Information