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Xiaomi Redmi 4 (prada) update: MIUI 10.2.1 now rolling out

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January 31, 2019: If you own a variant of the Redmi 4 codenamed prada, there is a new software update for you. The update is arriving as version MIUI, tagging along a new Android security patch as well as a flurry of bug fixes and optimizations.

The MIUI 10.2.1 update fixes Redmi 4 issues where:

Being an OTA update, it will take some time before all Redmi 4 units get the download notification. But why wait when the download file is ready for you in the table below? If it’s about how to install the update after downloading the file, we have a handy guide at the bottom of the post.


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For the latest software update news and download files related to Xiaomi Redmi 4 (prada), you have come to the right page. Besides the usual MIUI updates, we will also take some time to shed light on the status of Android OS updates.

Redmi 4 update timeline

Date MIUI & Android OS versions Download link(s) Changelog
25 Jan 2019 MIUI 10.2.1 (stable) | Android 6.0 Recovery update | Fastboot update Installs stable MIUI update that fixes Redmi 4 issues where UI elements for switching between cameras during video calls were displayed incorrectly, the button that returns you to an ongoing call overlapped with time, users couldn’t restrict floating notifications, users couldn’t use their fingerprint to unlock the device in case its locked during a call, the earphone icon sometimes disappeared, scrolling screenshots didn’t always work properly, the recording status wasn’t updated in the Notification shade when a recording was paused and installs the latest Android security patch
12 Dec 2018 MIUI 10.1.1 (stable) | Android 6.0 Recovery update | Fastboot update Installs stable MIUI 10.1.1 update that brings the all-new UI tailored for full-screen devices, Natural sound system, and more
12 July 2018 MIUI 9.6.1 (stable) | Android 6.0 Recovery update | Fastboot update Installs MIUI stable update that lets users hide the shortcut to Second space, uninstall apps in the Settings app now and adds a shortcut for split screen in Recents and beginner’s guide

Redmi 4 MIUI 10 update

The Redmi 4 was launched in 2016 and like others released by Xiaomi in the same period, an update to MIUI 10 was made available to the handset in late 2018. As expected, the MIUI update is still based on the launch OS – Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Redmi 4 Android OS update

The Redmi 4 runs Android Marshmallow out of the box and while some variants of the device made the switch to Nougat at some point, the prada model is still stuck on Marshmallow. The worst part is that it won’t go past the current OS, meaning the best you can do to get Nougat or maybe Oreo is via custom ROMs.

As for Pie, it won’t be easy bumping into custom ROMs targeting this device, but if we do, we will update this post with the info.