Record and Share Videos with Friends using Facebook’s Riff App

facebook riff

Earlier this week, Facebook launched the Scrapbook feature for parents and now, it has come up with an application called Riff. This new application is a collaborative technique that will lets friends to make videos with each other using the social network.

You can shoot a video clip of up to 20 seconds using Riff and share it to let others see it. There is no option to edit the videos that are captured using Riff or to upload videos from other sources. To share videos using Riff, you will have to record a clip that is the best, review the result and then submit the clip.


The objective of the Riff app from Facebook is not to get the maximum likes. Users are basically cheered to add their own clips to collaborate with their friends by creating a series of videos that are captured with a common theme. Notably, only friends can contribute to a video clip that is shared on Riff.

This Facebook app is free to download and use from the Play Store. You can get started by clicking on the link below.

Source: Facebook, Donwload: Riff