Realistic Galaxy S6 rendering in actual dimensions leaked, wears Verus cases

Galaxy S6 leaks just aren’t stopping, we’re getting to know more about the device as each day is passing. Yesterday only, we saw the metal chassis of Galaxy S6 which (unfortunately) showed that the device will look very much like the iPhone 6. And today’s leak from case maker Verus further supports the design leaked in metal chassis of the device, with renderings of Galaxy S6 wearing Verus cases.

Verus has provided PhoneArena some pictures of Galaxy S6 cased inside various Verus cases for the device. However, the device pictured is rendered based on the leaks we have had so for.  But according to Verus, these cases are based on actual dimensions of Galaxy S6, which unfortunately we couldn’t measure through the pictures. Phew!

Pictures shared by Verus shows the separate volume rocker style for Volume Up and Down buttons and the shift of LED flash and heart-rate sensor from bottom on Galaxy S5 to the right on Galaxy S6. The cases doesn’t have an opening for speaker on the backside, meaning the Galaxy S6 could feature speaker on the bottom of device alongside USB connector, as seen in the leaked metal chassis of the device.

Galaxy-S6-Shiny-Bezel1 Galaxy-S6-Verus-Case-7 Galaxy-S6-Verus-Case-6 Galaxy-S6-Verus-Case-5 Galaxy-S6-Verus-Case-4 Galaxy-S6-Verus-Case-3 Galaxy-S6-Verus-Case-2 Galaxy-S6-Verus-Case Galaxy-S6-Case

via PhoneArena

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