Is this the real Galaxy S6 design?

We’ve literally seen a ton of Samsung Galaxy S6 rumored designs, along with easily the fake ones, but what we have to day looks to be the real one. Why, because it looks so Samsung-ish and features decent enough changes from the Galaxy S5, including the iPhone-ish rounded curved body.

The above Galaxy S6 leaked design render also includes somewhat-surprising three cuts at its bottom — as we saw earlier — where we usually see only one or two, USB 2.0 or USB 2.0 and 3.5mm headphone jack.

In our newest leak up above, it’s the first time we’re seeing the sensors on the front including the camera moved to left side. Also, there seems to be separate buttons for Volume, instead of traditional one long Volume rocker. The home button is more taller than what we’ve seen till date on Samsung devices, while also more rounded at left and right sides.

We can’t say we’re liking what we’re are seeing, but when this becomes available in a body that graces metal on its four sides with glass at the back, we could happen to come to terms with it.

Recently, some sketches of the design of the Galaxy S6 broke the barrier for us, revealing that Galaxy S6 could be 7.1mm thick. And, Galaxy S6 is also rumored to be have its own, new model of Gear VR, as the current model is compatible only with Galaxy Note 4.

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As regards Samsung Galaxy S6 specs, it’s expected to come with a 5″ Super AMOLED display, rocking Quad HD display, and thus a PPI of 565. Samsung would do away with Qualcomm’s processor this time around, it seems, as the Snapdragon 810 was found overheating under its tests. Exynos 7420 octa-core processor should take the duty in its place.

3GB of RAM is rumored for the Galaxy S6, while its both sides curved variant, the Galaxy S Edge, might feature 4GB to the delight spec lovers.

Galaxy S6 will be housing an improved 20MP camera, it’s rumored, which should battle the HTC One M9’s own 20MP shooter when both of the big launches reach our hands.

Samsung could ditch the microSD card support and removable battery from the Galaxy S6, even though it was the only carrier left who got you those two features in a flagship in 2015, but to make up for first of those two, the base model of the Galaxy S6 will have 32GB of inbuilt storage, while there will also be 64GB and 128GB models.

As regards battery, it’s not a massive one at 2550mAh, from what we’ve heard. We hope Samsung will introduce quick charging tech of VOOC, which is capable of filling up 75% of a 2000mAh battery in just 30 mins. Quick charging is a must for this otherwise comparatively meager battery, no matter it’s been highly optimized by Samsung or not.

Specs aside, Galaxy S6 could have one amazing feature in the form of a new Samsung connector, which would connect to super smart back covers of different types to get amazing new features. It’s said that Samsung could make four such high extraordinary back covers itself, which will add a good new functionality to the Galaxy S6.

Example being, one back cover would serve as an E-Ink display, so that you can read a novel on that and thus save the battery juice that the main Quad HD display will sip at comparatively much higher rate than Galaxy S6. There are three other such smart back covers, one could serve as a fitness trainer, another one capable of measuring the sugar level in blood and another one capable of attaching a big camera lens. Sounds amazing, right?

The hardware aside, Samsung’s own software, the TouchWiz, is ready to face some cut. Samsung is said to remove the cruft out of TouchWiz, and will attempt to make it as minimal as it can, moving the features that come through Apps to Play Store or its own Samsung store, so that the handful of those who want them, can surely get them.

Samsung galaxy S6 is expected to be announced on March 2 at Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, along with Galaxy S Edge and a premium smartwatch from the company, which has been codenamed Orbis internally at Samsung.

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