Qualcomm to Help Chinese Smartphone Makers to Reach Global Market


A report by The Wall Street Journal hints that Qualcomm will come up with a dedicated unit that will help the Chinese markets to sell their smartphones across the world.

Lately, Qualcomm settled an enormous antitrust infestation in China by paying a penalty of $975 million. This move will definitely strengthen the chipmaker’s relationship with the China based manufacturers.


The report further notes an executive from Qualcomm stating that the firm has set up a globalization workplace in Shenzhen. It is said that this move will help the firms in the country to reach the global markets.

The antitrust settlement will minimize the royalties that Qualcomm collects from the smartphone makers in China and the chipmaker will also be more transparent about its business ventures in the country. The firm has also debuted a $150 million fund that will be invested in the local startups.

Source: Wall Street Journal, Via: PhoneArena