QMG to PNG converter for theming Samsung TouchWiz APKs

It isn’t new that manufacturers try their very best to stop independent developers from modifying system stuff (like apps) on their Android devices. Mostly, the manufacturers would try to make it hard for users to root their devices, but sometimes they do something pointlessly to make it a pain for independent developers. I’m talking about Samsung’s decision to begin using .QMG format for images inside its apps, which makes it very difficult for developers to edit those images and hence make custom themes for the device.

It’s easier to modify a PNG image than a QMG image. Stock Android uses PNG format only, but Sammy out of nowhere began using the QMG format for no added benefits for itself but made it tiresome for developers to make custom themes on recent Samsung devices.

But thanks to XDA member xperiacle, who made a simple Android app that pulls all the QMG images from a given APK file of any app and then converts and store the files to PNG format on the phone itself. Let’s see how it works:

 icon-download Download QMG2PNG Tool APK

  1. Install and Open the app on your Android device
  2. Pick any app’s APK file from which you want to extract QMG resources
  3. Select “Extract and Convert” button on the app
  4. The app will now pull all QMG images from the APK file and convert them into PNG format

All converted files will be saved into /sdcard/Qmg2Png folder.

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  • Vivek

    This app only works in 4.4.4 and above

  • william organ

    What about reversing from png to qmg? Will it do that

  • Roseline

    Cannot pick apk..

  • Kaushik Thakor

    Pik app open after
    get error:-
    Unfortunately, qmgtopng has been stopped

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