psst! beta releases on Play Store, lets you send and receives messages that auto-deletes after being read

Ever wished to send a text message that could get automagically deleted after a pre-defined time, leaving the receiver with no option to get a second look at the message or even take a screenshot of it? Well, there’s an app for that — psst!

psst! is your Snapchat for text messages. You communicate one on one. To read messages you’ve to Swipe over a message to view it, and each message opens up with a countdown timer showing the time left for reading the message before it gets auto-deleted.
Taking a screenshot is NOT allowed!

When you try to take a screenshot while the app is opened you get an error in notification bar which reads “Couldn’t capture screenshot.”

psst! has released as an open public beta on the Play store. So expect running into bugs while using the app. In our test, we noticed UI jerks when new messages arrive, but nothing wrong with the app’s main function — that’s, automatically deleting messages after a preset time with no trace to get them back.

All messages sent and received are encrypted on the device and psst! servers until the pre-defined time of auto deletion is over, after that the messages are gone forever.

The app even comes with a built-in passcode to lock the app for securing it from anyone having access to your phone. And to top that, the developers even went ahead and added a nifty feature that locks the app just by the shaking the phone a little.

[quote] All messages sent and received are encrypted on the device and psst! servers [/quote]

Here’s the full list of psst! features:

  • Disappearing self-destructing messages (Obviously)
  • Automatic timer determines how long a message should be timed
  • Select your own time manually
  • Auto Lock the app after 60 seconds of inactivity (optional)
  • Shake to lock (For those awkward moments when your friends can’t keep their hands to themselves)
  • Only friends you’ve added can message you
  • Deleting a friend will also delete you from their contacts. Instant block! Adios!
  • Swipe to read messages with our unique sender and message separation scheme
  • Messages are deleted from the server and your phone after they’ve been read (No we can’t get them back, they’re gone.)
  • Fully encrypted with all the modern encryption algorithm mumbo jumbo stuffamajigi
  • Read and respond offline (for those short underground moments)
  • Best of all, It’s free!

 icon-download Download psst!

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