PSA: Nexus 5X Wi-Fi bug on Android N Developer Preview 4 throws it in endless reboot (Xperia Z3 too)

Various users of Nexus 5X are reporting a Wi-Fi bug on Android N Developer Preview 4 wherein after installing the latest N update, turning on the Wi-Fi results in device rebooting, without stopping doing so.

Though the better part of the news is, as of today, Google knows about it fully (Issue 212545), and has already marked it under the tag “FutureRelease”. That means the bug now stands fixed in the Android source code tree, but a formal release is yet to come out, which should happen in next release of Android N for 5X users — whether that be Developer Preview 5 or full and final release.

The bug was originally discovered on Preview 3 build actually (NDP35K), but has been confirmed for Preview 4 (NPD56N) too. Moreover, Sony’s Xperia Z3 is suffering from the same bug too.

We don’t expect a quick bug-fixer update from Google for the Preview release, so if you own either of Nexus 5X and Xperia Z3, it’s better to stay away from Android N Preview build for a while, unless you don’t need Wi-Fi.

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